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Being Yourself is the best favour you could ever do yourself; Enjoy these tips on why you should always be yourself

by Beatrice Inim

The pressures of society definitely do not make most people be true to who they really are.

Society always seeks to dictate what, and how a person should be. But hey!, the best thing you can actually do for yourself, as well as people around you, is to be yourself.. Unapologetically.. And Guess what?? Society would have to amend. Just be yourself first, and you wold be amazed by the world of opportunities, and goodness you would be exposed to.

Being Yourself means you are *AUTHENTIC TO, AND FOR YOURSELF*

We all want to be associated with people who are extremely honest, no matter the situation. Now, imagine the feeling when you are honest to, and with your own self. Being your self gives you that authenticity that you are not fake, you are undiluted, and extremely organic in your life’s operations, as well as with how you relate with others. So.. do not lose that authenticity.. keep being yourself.

Who doesn’t want to *STAND OUT* when they walk into a room, speak, and in their overall behavioural patterns? Well, no one. Everyone wants to be unique, and they actually are. We are all made in our own unique ways, and should be proud of that. Being yourself helps you stand out. And you know why?..Here! I’d tell you. Because everyone else is taken. There are no ‘two’ of you. You can never find another one of your kind even if you search the lengths, and breadths of the earth. You can only act like yourself, say things like yourself would. It sure pays to be yourself, as standing out from the entire crowd, is an amazingly beautiful sight.


When you are your true self, you would identify your purpose, and achieve it in little, or no time. But with trying to be like others, you beat around issues, projects, and other aspects of life, for a long time, simply because you tried to do, or achieve those things, using the same processes others did. Be yourself, and see that lines would fall in all the pleasant places, and you would begin to see the beauty that lies in it.

And when you have attained a purposeful destination, you would naturally be led towards impacting positively into the lives of others; you never know, they may even emulate some of your actions, into bettering themselves. Now imagine if you were not yourself, that change wouldn’t have happened for someone, somewhere out there.

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