Best Ways To Get A Bridal Glow

On the most important day of your life you have to look and feel more beautiful than ever before.The combination of the flawless make up, a stunning hair-do and beautifully manicured nails to show off your new ring will need to be tried and tested before the big day.

Whether you have a year, a month or a week to prepare for your wedding, there’s always time to boost your bridal beauty regime. It’s suggested that make up and hair trials are arranged before the big day, so that you can decide what works for you, to avoid any sudden surprises on the morning of your big day when it may be too late to change things.

The best way to ensure you have a glowing bridal skin is to drink water, avoid frizzy drinks like coffee, red wine where possible, this will not help your skin, the sugar wont help your weight and the colorings could stain your teeth. Whitening your teeth is also one of the tricks as the camera will be flashing you throughout your celebration, make sure your teeth are looking fresh and sparkly on your big day.

Wearing a bolder lipstick will also make your teeth look whiter and make your smile stand out in photographs.

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