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Big Brother See Gobe Housemate Gifty Celebrates Her Daughter’s 1year Birthday; See Photos Of Cute Alisha

by Funmi Attah

Former Big Brother housemate and actress Gifty Powers recently surprised her fans as she announced her daughter is celebrating her 1st birthday in a recent post on Instagram which left everyone in awe as there was no clue she was even pregnant.

She kept her pregnancy private including the baby until after one year.

Sharing photos of her baby Alisha she wrote a beautiful piece about her newborn.

Read what she wrote below:

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@alishapowers_ _ Because of you, I am a Mom. Something that I’ve always wanted to be and I AM. Because of you, I know the deepest meaning of love. Because of you, I strive to be the best I can be. Because of you, I feel complete. You, my daughter, have changed my life in the absolute best way possible. I read somewhere that having a child is like letting your heart walk around outside of your body. That couldn’t be more true. My sweet darling Alisha, words can’t express how much I adore you. My world and heart are so full because of the joy you bring to us.You are more than anything I could have ever wanted in daughter. You are the sweetest soul with the biggest personality wrapped in one. We have enjoyed every minute of everyday watching you grow and learn and explore the world around you. When you are old enough to read and old enough to understand, remember that I will always be your biggest fan, and that the day you were born my whole world changed- that will always be my favorite day. You are such a special girl, I am super proud to call you MINE. We have so many hopes and dreams for you in this life. I know that God has a purpose for you and He is going to use you to do amazing things. I hope that no matter what you do and where you go, you know you’re never alone. I hope you have the confidence to be who you want to be. I hope that you are brave when faced with challenges. I hope that you have the courage to go after your dreams and determination and not to give up. I hope that you have compassion for others and a giving heart. No matter what, i will always be here for you. Pick you up when you fall and most of all guide you the best we can through this life. On your first birthday and every birthday, We promise to make all of your dreams a reality and to make every wish of yours come true. My darling love, this is only the beginning and our best years are ahead of us… keep shining, keep smiling and ALWAYS remember that you are MY MAGIC. WE are super proud of you my baby❤️. Happy Birthday Daughter, Love you, Mom & Dad! #17DEC2017 #ALISHA❤️ #MY LIFE❤️ #MY AIR❤️

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