7 Ways To Love Your Woman

If you want to be happy as a man, then you need to make your wife happy. A happy wife is a happy life. And it is easier to tell when a wife is happy because it would be boldly seen through her smile.

Women are meant to be cherished, pampered and loved. And as a man, the real power of You lies in the size of smile you put on your woman.

If you still wondering how to create that special smile for your woman, here are 7 ways, among many other ways to do that.

  1. Listen: To be truly heard is the longing of every human heart, and your wife is no exception. It sounds simple, but listening can be harder than it seems with so many distractions around us and within us. Set aside some time every day to look into your wife’s eyes and really listen to what she has to say. You may be surprised at what you hear.
  2. Pray for her and with her: Praying alongside your wife will strengthen your relationship like nothing else. Studies show that couples who regularly pray together stay together, enjoying a 1% divorce rate compared to the usual rate of 50% or more.
  3. Value her individuality: Your wife is wonderfully unique. Don’t compare her to your mom, or your ex-wife, or your old girlfriend.
  4. Give her time to herself: Everyone needs an occasional break to rest and recharge, and this is especially important for a wife who is at home all day with young children. Yet it’s very easy to neglect this legitimate need unless you regularly and intentionally schedule time for it.
  5. Provide for her needs: This is so much more than just putting food on the table. It is all-encompassing. Whether it is physical needs, emotional needs, spiritual needs, you name it — do your best to provide. Sometimes life’s circumstances hinder us in one area, but we can compensate in another area. Often the effort is as important as the outcome.
  6. Learn to forgive: Freely forgive your wife’s past, present, and future offenses. Forgiveness is at the heart of the gospel and at the heart of every meaningful relationship.
  7. Verbally express your love: There are lots of ways to show your love, but women still like to hear it spoken.



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