“Don’t Let Pastors And Imams Deceive You Because Prayers Cannot Cure Coronavirus”- Comedian Alibaba

Comedian Alibaba has taken to his Instagram  said that prayer cannot cure coronavirus, and to explain why.

He went on to warn people to be wary of their pastors or Imams saying they should pray to cure the virus. According to him, they are being deceived.


Alibaba says a better more effective way than prayer, in curing the virus, is social distancing and self isolation.

According to him, even the Pope and senior pastors have all given the same advice.

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Read his full caption below:

Prayer cannot cure coronavirus, Dont let pastors device you.. Or any Imam… stay safe. Dont test God. You can not be holier than the Pope and other Senior Pastors. They have all said stay at home, away from exposing yourself to contamination and pray. Don’t try to impress anyone with your faith. Be guided”.


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