Drama as 27-year-old Man Falls in Love With 52-year-old Woman and Plans Marriage Only for This to Happen

A love-struck man has declared his deep affection for a woman who is way older than he is and how he intends to fight to ensure that their flame is kept aglow.

The man shared his love story on break_or_makeup, stunning readers with his narration.

According to him, although he is just 27-years-old, he has found and fallen in love with a woman who is 52-years-old. However, despite the age difference, he insists that he is ready to keep the love strong.

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He revealed that he met the woman in a gym and the love sparked between them. They’ve been together ever since.

However, the woman’s divorced husband is seeking to stage a return and this is giving him serious worries.

Now he is seeking a way to cement his place in the woman’s life.

Below is how he put the story:

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