Kenyan woman whose hands were chopped of gets a new pair in Japan


Jackline Mwende who lost her limbs a few month in what was reported to be a domestic violence case has undergone a special operation that gave her new limbs- prosthetic ones

The operation in Seoul, Korea was successful and doctors say that when she is completely healed, she will regain 80% use of her hands

A few months ago in Machakos county, news rent the air that a husband had chopped off his wife’s hands on grounds that she was sterile.

Jackline Mwende aged 27,was attacked by hes husband Stephen Ngila,34 with a panga. She also suffered multiple injuries on neck and head.

Kenyans sympathized with her and the county government gave her a second chance at life.

Last month, she was flown to South Korea an operation to give her prosthetic limbs. The particular type of prosthetics she needed were not available in Kenya which prompted flight and the procedure.

On Thursday, October 6, Mwende underwent an operation at Dai Han Prosthetics labs in Seoul, Korea. Doctors say that when she heals completely, she will regain 80% use of her hands.



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