“never judge someone who wants to come out of a marriage” Actor Juliet Ibrahim As She Speaks About Her Divorce

Ghanaian actor Juliet Ibrahim during her book lunch spoke about her divorce. According to her, women need to quite from their “unwholesome marriages” that it is unhealthy.

She recently in an interview she also advised the general public not to judge women who come out of their marriages as no one knows what they they’ve been through and how it can even result to health issues such as depression.

Below is what she wrote;

“People have had their own perception about what led to my divorce.I have sat down for many years and have had to deal with the pain and insults from the public who had no clue what I went through as a person during that period and how it affected me.

“The depression and all that happened. All I will say is you should never judge someone who wants to come out of a marriage. Because sometimes it is better to come out of it than to stay in it. For your own sanity and mental stability it us always good to take a bold decision for yourself. For your kids, if there are kids involved take a bold decision,” she said.

Juliet reportedly married Kwadwo Safo in 2010, after she got pregnant for him in the course of their friendship. They were however granted divorce in June 2014, after he allegedly cheated on her.

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