Photo Captures The Hilarious Moment A Hungry Baby Mistakes A Bare-breasted Statue For His Mother

dasMuseums are a great place to visit, observe and learn.

But their ‘boring’ reputation and the requirement of silence also makes them a nightmare for anyone with young children.

However, one toddler thought he had struck gold on his day out to the museum, discovering what he thought was a ‘free snack’.

The hungry young boy was pictured escaping the hold of his mother to suck on the bare breast of a porcelain statue.


Initially shocked at his escape, the mother can then be seen laughing hysterically as her determined son wraps his lip around the nipple.

While a young child escaping the clutches of their parent to run wild may not be anything too out of the ordinary, this instance was incredibly cute.

However, while the mother found the incident funny, the picture has received a mixed reaction from online users.

Some have laughed, others have criticised and some satirically responded to the picture.

While the reactions have been mixed there’s no doubt about the cuteness of the young boy’s instincts.


Source: Dailymail


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