Popular Fuji Musician Abass Obesere Builds A Multi-million Naira Mansion For His Wife In Ibadan

Fuji musician Abass Obesere has built his wife a multi-million naira mansion in his hometown Ibadan, Oyo State. It’s said that the storey building comprises of chalets, has a swimming pool and a spacious car park.

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In an interview with Encomium, Obesere had this to say when asked

‘It’s true but the house doesn’t belong to me, that’s for my wife. I am not the type that should be making noise about such things.

‘But I thank God for everything. I told God since more than 10 years I had built a house for my mother that I will do something similar for my wife as well because she really deserves it.

‘Now, God has answered my prayer. She’s a wife that stands by me at all time. So, if I have done more than that, she deserves it. And in few months, it will be opened officially.’

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