Sad.. Beautiful Woman Is Now Blind In One Eye, After Simply Giving Her Fiancee A B-day Cake

Akorede Odutayo thought she’d met the man of her dreams when she crossed paths with Ibrahim Akanbi. The two have one son together and were engaged to be married. They had plans to spend their lives together. However, their dreams of happily ever after took a disturbing turn for the worst when Ibrahim lost him temper one night. The series of events that occurred will probably be etched in Akorede’s head for many years to come because her life was changed forever. A small mishap led to her losing an eye and it all happened for a ridiculous reason.

The Birthday Party From Hell:

According to The Guardian, Akorede decided to surprise Ibrahim with a birthday cake for his birthday. Although the gesture seemed romantic and sweet, things took an unexpected turn when Akorede reportedly got icing on Ibrahim’s clothes. Instead of simply wiping the icing off, he became infuriated with Akorede. The confrontation, which happened while Akorede was FaceTiming her sister, quickly escalated. During a recent interview, she revealed he started by throwing things at her.

“He started chucking things at me and headbutted me, cutting his head on my tooth,” she said.

Akorede tried relentlessly to get away. As she ran, she screamed to her sister who was still on FaceTime, but to no avail. He continued to chase her and things only got worse. She added, “He then started punching me repeatedly and I ran to pick up the phone and screamed to my sister, but he chased me and started hitting me over and over until my face went numb. My eye was full of blood. There was blood all over my house, my clothes, the wall, the bed, it looked like a murder scene.”

I thought I was going to die. He just kept hitting me over and over again. Suddenly I heard something go pop and blood came gushing out everywhere but at the time I had no idea where it was coming from.” Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!

The Injuries:

According to, Akorede was hospitalized for three days due to the injuries she suffered at the hands of her ex. Surgeons reportedly worked relentlessly to save her eye, but to no avail. She now has a glass eye replacement.

The Injustice:

Despite the injuries she suffered, which should have been considered blatant evidence of the attack, London’s Crown Prosecution Service is reportedly being accused of dropping the ball. It has been reported that CPS initially refused to press charges against Ibriham. “I feel I was completely failed by the CPS. If the police hadn’t appealed he could have got away with it despite the blatant evidence.

“I feel completely let down especially knowing all the evidence there was against him. I’ve even given them text messages he sent me admitting what he done.”

With the help of the police, justice was served. CPS eventually reviewed their initial decision and released a statement to address the incident and the allegations. A police source shared details about the case in defense of Akorede.

“The defendant blinded his partner and even admitted to punching her ‘two or three’ times and causing the injury,” the sourced said. “He was arrested on the night of the attack and should have been charged and remanded due to overwhelming evidence. It was an elementary case. Instead, the CPS decided to take no further action. It was such a perverse decision that we had to challenge their legal advice.

Ibriham Akanbi was charged and found guilty of grievous bodily harm in Woolwich Crown Court in London. He has been sentenced to three years in prison.

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