See Viral Bride Who Serenaded Her Groom With A Christ Centered Poem Before The Kiss

We love wedding vows, and what is more special or adorable, than an actual poem composed by the Bride.

Bride, Nikky decided to switch things up, after the Minister of God declared it time to kiss the Bride.

She said she had something to say, and to everyone’s surprise, she spoke from her heart, a poem she had written specially for her Groom, Manny.

The poem shows Christ’s love and how the Holy Spirit helped them love each other the way Christ expects them to.

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See excerpts from her poem below;


“Our relationship is built On a bed of decisions with Christ as a pillow- a headrest. It is too divine to call it a coincidence. I can only love you be cause the Holy Spirit enables me to- my flesh cannot love selflessly, kindly and patiently. When you feel weary, lay on my lap and resist fear with everything that Christ instilled in you. Christ centered love is not glamorous or easy, but it is worth it. Now can I tell you why I married you?”😍⁣

Bride @nikkyoyef ⁣
Groom @manny_loet

Watch Full Video below;

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