Ugandan Man Dies After Running Into His Wife Who Ought To Be Abroad Studying But Instead Was In Kampala And Heavily Pregnant With Another Man’s Baby

This Ugandan man, David Ntege has died after he allegedly bumped into his wife whom he thought had travelled abroad to further her education, but instead saw her on the streets of Kampala heavily pregnant with another man’s child. According to the reports on Facebook, the man collapsed and went into a coma which later resulted in his death at the Nsambya Hospital after he found his wife, Sheila Mbonimpa pregnant on a Kampala street months after she had deceived him that she was going abroad to study. 

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Mr David Ntege got married to his wife in a colourful ceremony in April 2017 and his wife ‘left’ for her studies a few weeks later. After the husband caught her, the wife who is pregnant confessed to having married him just for the wedding certificate.  Mr David will be buried today October 3rd at uyende District, Uganda


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