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The Bond Between A Mother And Her Child Can Never Be Broken

by ayodeji


A young mother who died seconds after she saved her baby by shoving her pram out of the way as she was hit by a lorry has been remembered as a ‘hero who gave the ultimate sacrifice’.

Hundreds of mourners gathered today for the funeral of Lauren Heath, 20, who somehow managed to push baby Millie, one, to safety as she was hit by the vehicle in Reading on April 13.

Well-wishers donated more than £23,000 in Ms Heath’s memory which was used for today’s funeral and to provide a nest egg for Millie when she reaches her 21st birthday.


The mother-of-one, from Whitley in Reading, was killed when she was run over by a lorry – but little Millie survived almost without a scratch because she was thrown clear of the truck by her mother.

Today dozens of mourners, many wearing pink, lined the streets as the cortege carrying Ms Heath’s coffin was driven through the streets around her hometown.


Friends and family decorated the streets in pink and purple balloons and ribbons – her favourite colours – and lined the roads as the funeral procession passed by.

Motorcyclists blocked both ends of the street as neighbours bowed their heads in respect while Ms Heath’s family followed the hearse on Lauren’s farewell journey.

Neighbours gathered outside the church and many joined the family inside for the service as hundreds of others listened from outside.

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