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Bridal Beauty: Edo Brides Alluring Traditional Attire

by Funmi Attah

Edo state, Nigeria is one of the six southern states in Nigeria. The rich culture of Edo state is seen in the beautiful and elegant attire of the Edo bride. Edo brides are definitely show-stoppers, as they are dressed in coral beads on a background of fabric.

She wears beaded waist beads, anklets and bracelets around her wrist called the Ivie-ebo, earrings called Emi-ehorivie, a cape called Ewu-ivie  while holding her beaded clutch also Ekpa-ivie.

The Edo bride is a queen who must have her crown- a beaded piece of art called Okuku at her traditional wedding ceremony. The Okuku is sewn directly to her hair and this is  called Eto-Okuku.

Edo Brides also tie beautiful wrappers made from a variety of fabrics like Velvet and George and on the wrapper a beaded cape is worn.

Be inspired as you look at these gorgeous Edo brides!

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Photo Credits: @christiansignatures

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