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Bridal Makeup Tips and Ideas

by WDN


Every lady looks forward to their wedding days. They look forward to the day they say the word “I DO”. They look forward to the preparation and all that goes into making the day a fulfilled one. To experience the attention, love, care and pampering you name it. Every bride looks forward to see that long forgotten aunt and that uncle she hasn’t seen in ages. She can’t wait to see everyone gather together to celebrate her. She begins to think of whom her bridesmaids are going to be, her wedding dress, the Aso-Ebi for the day and most importantly her MAKE UP. Yes her make up! She wants to be the most beautiful girl on earth just for that day, she wants to look and feel like the queen she is and wants everyone to call her beautiful.

Bridal makeup is a kind of transformation that makes the bride simple, elegant and stylish. It should be something that brings out the WOW factor in a woman. It should be a look that is different from your everyday look and turns all attention to the bride.
There are some routines that need to be taken to achieve the flawless look for the brides. Routines like:


This entails washing your face from time to time with a mild and face friendly soap. Also avoid any kind of harsh substance on your face.


People are in the habits of going to the spa a week or days to their wedding. This is totally wrong. Ensure you visit the spa 3 or 2 weeks to your wedding and allow your face to rest from all kinds of facial treatments applied during the visit. It is best to go some weeks before your wedding so as to be sure of not having any kind of irritation.


You don’t want to look all tired and worn out after your make-up so avoid all forms of stress days to your wedding. With all this you will have the flawless and beautiful bridal make up you wished for.

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