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The Bridal Shower Facade; is the Bride-to-be Really Surprised when She Arrives???

by Beatrice Inim

Bridal Shower!! Bridal Shower!! Bridal Shower!!
What comes to mind when i hear these words is ‘What is being showered?”
There also seems to be a lot of ingenuity when it comes to celebrating this event.. From if it is meant to come as a surprise to what the bride-to-be will wear, to the venue for the shower and right onto the question “Is the groom supposed to be present?”. Even if the groom is required to be present, does the bride actually not know that her prince was on his way to the show? The widely opened eyes, and screams she lets out when she sees him make his entrance, says that she did not have any inkling that he was going to make a Cameo at the event. Oh spare us please!

Some ladies even go as far as intimating their best friends(or anyone they know is most likely to throw them a shower), about people they would like, to be present; sharing their contacts and all, which said Besties have to keep in an archive somewhere, for when a man finally surfaces in the first instance, for a shower to happen.
Yes!! You read that right. Our bride did not have a boyfriend, talk more of a fiancé, when she was already planning a shower with her best friend.
Again…all a facade!
That phrase cannot be reiterated enough.

Strikingly, what comes across as the greatest element of the entire facade, is conversations and platforms that are created to foster the event, before it happens. How about we take for instance, whatsapp groups. Suffice it to be that it is Modupe who is getting married. So.. The whatsapp group name will read (Modupe’s Bridal shower-MBS)..Participants in this group are expected to be Modupe’s friends especially close ones. But guess what? You get invited to the group, conversations are going on, then you find this individual that keeps giving her opinion on what she wants the venue to look like, food and drinks to be served, as well as what Modupe would wear, along side of course, what her girls would be wearing on that day.. Everyone else is giving their two cents, but this individual again, keeps imposing her ideas, and opinions. Fast forward to three days into the conversations for planning the bridal shower, everyone finds out that individual is Modupe’s mum. Yes, her Mother!!!. Now how should one believe this bridal shower is being planned without the knowledge of the star of the day which is the bride to be, when her own mom is calling the shots on the whatsapp group… Again, it is all a facade. The bride must have been in the know this whole time.
I mean first of all everyone is supposed to believe that the bride to be has no idea at all, about the ‘infamous’ bridal shower that is about to be thrown her, and perhaps she knows there would be a shower of some sort and patiently and anxiously waits for it to happen, only then, for her to be randomly called in for a meeting (which is usually the cliche way of getting her to come around).

Finally, this supposed meeting is about to happen, and the bride to be is waltzing into the venue like she does not know what she is about to be met with. Gets into the place and stands at the entrance, mouth agape with balloons falling down from the sky…Scratch that.. the ceiling. But who am i kidding? Is it not all a facade, afterall?

Now, happy screams have filed the entire air space, camera flashlights blazing, with the bride to be now in tears. The surprised look that hasn’t left her face since she walked in, now says “wow Daisy i cannot believe you are here…Feyikemei is this you?? Guys, who planned this? wow you guys i am so surprised”…Surprised. Really?

How about we now take a moment to talk about our beautiful bride to be’s beautiful dress. Even though the colour ‘white’ has been the dominant colour to dress the bride in for the shower, there are the unorthodox bunch that actually prefer to be clad in black, pink, and other bright colours.
However. Who has this information? How does one know what colour the bride would like to wear for her shower, if she is not asked? See where I’m going with this?
All Ts must be crossed, and all Is dotted, to make sure the bride gets all she ever dreamed of, and in her exact taste as well.

So..bite me, but the bride sure did pick out her dress type, as well as the colour, herself.

Ultimately, I Believe bridal showers do not exactly have any element of surprise in them, and the bride to be most definitely knows her bridal shower is coming up and she knows all the actors involved in the planning the entire shindig.

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