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What a Bridal Shower Surprise! Bride-To-Be Gets Her Dream Car and Her Reaction is Priceless

by WDN

Talasha and Jordan grew up in the same neighborhood and they lived fifteen miles apart The lovebirds’ paths didn’t cross until they were college students residing on opposite sides of the state.

“As years passed by our love continued to grow and we made great efforts to spend an extreme amount of time together even with the distance between us. We have learned so much about each other and have learned even more FROM one another. We love to sit back and think about how much our relationship has matured over the years and we are so excited and eager to start our lives together as husband and wife! What an amazing journey it has been thus far! We can’t wait to continue down this road of love and adventure!” says Talasha.

On her bridal shower day, Jordan decided to surprise his queen with her dream car…her expression was priceless. Read what she said about the whole bridal shower shenanigans.

This. Man. I just can’t even begin to describe. Jordan flew out to Buffalo on Sunday morning to head back to work & I’ve been a little bitter all week (literally singing the “All by myself” song to my friends?) When I saw the sweet video that he recorded I thought that it was my surprise. Then, when he walked through the door of course I just knew that he was the surprise? but being who he is, he didn’t come empty handed. My future husband surprised me with my dream car! I love this man wholeheartedly not for the things that he does, but for the lengths that he’ll go to just to put a smile on my face and the warmest feeling in my heart. #BridalShower #TheMillsMatrimony

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