Bride Cannot Contain Her Excitement As She is Walked Down The Aisle By Her Man-Of-Honour Who Is Also Her Brother

These photos are tear jerking and super super phenomenal.

Bride is walked down the aisle by her brother, who is in a wheel chair.

Sh expressed how amazing it made her feel, to have her brother be such a huge part of her big day.

Here is what she had to say;

“I had the honour of my Brother Daniel being my Man of Honour at my wedding ✨
For me it was such a special moment knowing that my Brother was next to me while I marry my best friend! A moment I will always cherish!
I’m not going to lie. . . Being Daniels sister hasn’t always been the easiest. Life with Daniel has been full of struggles. But honestly all the struggles are worth it because my Brother, Daniel is the most amazing gift God could of given our family!
Just remember life is FULL of struggles & they suck sometimes but they are there to help you become the person you are destined to be! Don’t ever give up because there is beauty in all shitty situations.“  emotonal and sweet!!

See photos;

Bride @shop_theauthentic
Photos by @matandsaraliketophoto

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