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Bride Rocks Her Big day In A Yellow Dress: This Is One Bridal Look We Would Never Forget In A Hurry

by Beatrice Inim

This certainly is one unconventional Bride we won’t forget in a hurry.

Habibah opted for a yellow dress,  in the stead of the conventional white wedding gowns,  and she rocked it just fine.

she also goes for an unconventional wedding hairstyle,  which is a low-cut style,  flaunting her natural hair.

She looks so beautiful,  even to the amazement of the wedding guests,  the wedding vendors,  and especially,  the wedding planner. 💛

Here is what the event planner for this wedding , @ipcevents had to say:
“Having done figures close to 600 events in my life time and all under 10years of being in business, i have never met anyone like @habibah_giwa she’s Bold, Daring and Inspiring 💥💥💥 (Those are dangerous combinations by the way 🤔🤔) so when she told me at consultation that she was going to be wearing a Yellow dress for her wedding and going on a really low hair cut 🙄🙄😶 I froze, Panicked and was overwhelmed all at the same time on her behalf…. I thought, who does that?? Why would you even want to wear a YELLOW DRESS in the first place…. and like every Crazy/Genius ideas that we have embraced, this turned out to be one of the most Unique, Fabulous and Mind blowing piece I’ve seen all these years of Great work…..So freaking well coordinated too 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️ Xkizxx ma, we doff all of our hat’s and that of our neighbours seff for you!”

see photos below :

  1. _
    Bride @habibah_giwa 👗 @aprilbykunbi
    Bouquet @adelasflowers
    Photography @bedgepictures .
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