Bridesmaids Lookbook! Their Dresses, Accessories and Bouquet

Your team of bridesmaids is made up of your best friends and loved ones, each of whom in some way symbolises an aspect of your passage through life. These ladies are a reflection of you, where you’ve been and the choices you’ve made while getting there. So when it comes to choosing the bridesmaid dresses, accessories and bouquets, keep this spirit in mind, they should reflect your own, either in colour or in shape, and come together to create a unified look.

2a0ef7565e423a90203511d8b9e79e2a62a2f51811358069a2pimgpsh_fullsize_distrYou don’t need a tiara, earrings, and a necklace. Accessories add a unique touch to your look, but even too many can be over-the-top. Before you start buying, take an inventory of your gown’s stand-out features and then base your choices around them. If your dress has an ornate neckline, opt for a pair of drop earrings instead of a necklace (that might look too busy). For a gown with a simpler style, try a bold statement necklace or a fascinator. When it comes to earrings, take a cue from your hairstyle. If you’re leaving your hair down and over your ears, small studs or drops will do. But for an updo, you might want something a little more dramatic, like a pair of dangling earrings.


Keep the size of the bouquets in check with the style of the dress. But perhaps more important than the style is the colour of the dress. Past trends have led brides to match bouquets identically to what the bridesmaids are wearing. The problem with such a look is that the flowers tend to drown in the dress itself so that the detail in both the dress and in the flowers is lost. If you’re set on keeping the colour coherent, your best bet is to choose a gradation of the dress colour for contrast.

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