Home Wedding Video Bring Out Your Tissue Box! The Emotional Wedding Video Brother Fulfills his Promise of Walking his Sister Down the Aisle

Bring Out Your Tissue Box! The Emotional Wedding Video Brother Fulfills his Promise of Walking his Sister Down the Aisle

by WDN

After a near-fatal car accident, the bride, Deborah, shares the heart-wrenching moment his brother had to be cut out of the car to be rescued when he collided with a tree.

We must have read the story up here, but now we can watch in full view how the brother walks down his sister down the aisle – it was such a beautiful moment and we enjoyed every bit of the video.

Get your tissue box and enjoy!

Read the bride’s emotional and heart-touching story

On 23rd June 2019 my brother was in a near fatal car accident. He had to be cut out of the car that had collided with a tree and airlifted to hospital. He suffered major injuries, breaking both of his ankles and knees in multiple places, breaking his right clavicle and elbow, fracturing his ribs, a collapsed lung, perforated bowel and perforated stomach. There is nothing that could have prepared us for this news. I was broken, confused and had moved beyond weary to just completely flat out finished. So the only option left was to hand everything over to God because I had nothing left to give.
The thing is my brother had been in hospital for 2 days and we had no idea, the police nor the hospital had contacted us and so we were none the wiser. But God already had Him covered, God ensured that he had no brain injuries, God ensured that his spine was intact and unharmed, God ensured that authorities would be able to cut him out of the car, God ensured that his surgeons would be able to carry out his preliminary surgery with skill and precision. God was always in control no matter how hopeless or bleak the situation may have seemed. He was by his side, His angels were on specific assignment and there was a battle for his life in the realm of the spirit that our God claimed the victory in.

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There is no dry eye in the room. _ You see there is no situation, no circumstance, no predicament that God cannot use to reveal himself. We spend so much time operating in fear and shame, scared of what people might think of us, our families, our lives if we open ourselves up. But those things we are scared of people knowing about, those things we are scared of people seeing are the very peculiarities that God desires to use! The enemy didn’t want this day to happen, he didn’t want this wedding to go ahead, he didn’t want my brother to survive. He wanted the wedding cancelled and replaced with a funeral and if not at the very least he wanted it to be a pitiful day. But God had already written this moment, He had already determined who was going to come out as victorious, He had already set out every comeback for every setback the enemy would try to throw at us. The enemy is so crafty, he tries to cripple us with trauma and pain to stop us from operating at the frequency God requires of us. Click the link in the bio to read the full story Thank you @deborahopb for sharing this beautiful moment with Us What a #beautifulwedding moment · · · Video @specialfunctions Planner @matigonoevents Photography @enitan_photography #WDNVid #WeddingDigest #WeddingDigestNaija

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