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Can you guess who’s the mother in this photo?

by WDN


When Kaylan Mahomes posted a sweet family photo on Twitter, she had no idea she was about to cause a social media frenzy. At a first glance, the snap appears to be of three almost identical sisters, smiling for a selfie in the car. However, Kaylan’s caption left her followers stumped when she revealed that one of the women in the photo was actually her mother.

Can you work out who the mother is? Scroll below to reveal the answer.

“Mom, twin & me,” Kaylan simply wrote alongside the photo of herself and her twin sister Kyla with their mother. Comments immediately began to pour in as Twitter followers tried to work out which of the three women wasn’t one of the teenage twins.

“Who’s the mom?” commented one user, while another joked that the family must have access to a “fountain of youth”.

Kaylan, a high school student in Indianapolis, soon set the record straight and revealed that her mother is on the far left of the photo, wearing the black jacket, but the snap has continued to take the Internet by storm, as people around the world try to work out the answer for themselves.


The original selfie itself has already been retweeted over 29,000 times, and has garnered 52,000 likes. Kaylan, who now has over 18,000 followers herself, doesn’t seem fazed by all of the attention, although in one tweet she revealed she and her sister have started being stopped in the street by people who recognise them from the snap.

She has also shared more photos of the beautiful trio standing in different positions, teasing fans to see if they can work out who is who – and she even even created an Instagram account named after her photo’s infamous caption, which has already gathered over 30,000 followers despite only having five photos.

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