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Can’t Help Falling In Love: Chinelo & Thomas’s Radiant Wedding

by WDN


[right]Chinelo & Thomas met during National Youth Service. At that time, Chinelo wasn’t in any serious relationship neither was Thomas. The first time Thomas set his eyes on Chinelo in NYSC camp, his heart skipped and couldn’t concentrate on his usual day-to-day activities anymore. He knew he saw a beautiful woman in an angelic form. “Chinelo was different to all the ladies I met on the camp ground. She has a unique and different character that my mind couldn’t fathom when I set my eyes on her” says Thomas . Despite his effors to know her, Chinelo didn’t take him seriously back then but Thomas’s feelings for Chinelo continued to blossom.

We leave you to enjoy their beautiful love story and colorful wedding photos……


The Beautiful Beginning

The Bride

We met during youth service during a fellowship meeting where he saw me off to buy a bottle of coke. He said he was scared to approach me because he said I was too pretty to be single. Another day he summoned courage and met with me and all he could say was ‘Sunshine’ —- I smiled because I noticed he had always wanted to say something to me. I didn’t want to embarrass him so I called him ‘Evergreen’ and to me he was very cute and quiet, I liked him, that was how we got the name Sunshine and Evergreen in our corpers’ fellowship. We started off as friends. The day he asked me out, I remember going to his lodge and he starred at me for a long time, couldn’t say anything. I knew what was in his mind but as a lady, I wanted him to ask me officially to date him (I needed to hear his speech/manifesto). After the silence all my dear friend could come up with in shyness was “I’m very Serious”….lool. I laughed, had mercy on him and replied “me too”. After service year (2009) we travelled to Ibadan to collect his certificate that was where he surprised me with a quiet romantic proposal ever in his hotel room! He was so nervous he forgot his lines, but I happily said YES!”


My Dream Wedding

The Bride

As a little girl growing up, I have been obsessed with weddings and I promised myself that mine will be a fairytale wedding – I believe I achieved it from courtship to the wedding ceremony.


You May Kiss Your Bride

loool, well the most interesting and most unique is the Kiss. I opened my eyes because my husband was wiping off my lipstick which took us (Beautycook &I) time to put together…..I had to pop my eyes open in shock!

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unnamed4 unnamed8 weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-19JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-20JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-21JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-22JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-23JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-24JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-25JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-26JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-27JPG

unnamed-9 unnamed-10 unnamed-11 weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-28JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-29JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-30JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-31JPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-32aJPG weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-32JPG

. Bride and Groom’s Name: Chinelo Lynda Onwujei (Bride), Thomas Eghosa Aganwonyi (Groom)

• Date of wedding : 15th of February 2014

Wedding Vendors

• Location of Wedding Ceremony and ReceptionOverall theme/Colour palette for the wedding: Viontel Hotel Events Hall (same venue for the reception) / Champaigne Gold & Orange

• Bride’s Wedding Dress and Shoes: Brides and More/ April by Kunbi Designs

• Bridesmaids Dresses – Arewa Fashion House
Flowers / Centrepieces / Tableware: – Edythom

• Jewellery worn – Brides and More /April by Kunbi

• Caterer – BennyGold Services

• Cake – Blueberry Cakes

• Makeup – Beautycook

• Hairstylist- Beautycook

• Décor – Edythom Events

• DJ – Kenny Dj – Ph

• Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator- Bride

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Sma June 17, 2014 - 4:42 pm


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favor June 18, 2014 - 9:31 am

…. lovely and beautiful finishes I can see. . . . how can I contact the Decor? my Wedding is in Ph I wish I cld get a polished day like all those ones I see in Lagos

lollas August 3, 2014 - 7:13 pm

Congrats sweets. May God continue to bless ur union

Amie August 7, 2014 - 12:43 pm

Lovely wedding pics! I like your colour combination, plus your decor is awesome. Wish I can have something this beautiful or more on my day in Owerri.


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