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Caring For Your Natural Nails

by Toyosi Aromire


We use our hands for almost everything we do and we need to take good care of them especially our nails. If you love your nails long its not bad as long as you take good care of them and if you like them short you also need to take care of them. its not every time you have to fix your nails. A times you have to rock your natural nails. But if you must do, you have to keep them clean and beautiful.

it’s good to give yours a regular trim with a large nail clipper. This minimizes how much your nails peel when cutting them. After they’ve been trimmed, file your nails to shape them and smooth any rough edges. After your nail edges are smooth, lightly buff the nail. Preferably, use a glossy buffer rather than a buffing block to smooth the nail surface. Turn over the buffer, and use the finer side to shine the nail surface.

Next, apply cuticle remover around the base of your nail, and rub in. Let it soak in for a few minutes before pushing back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher to remove any excess skin. Make sure you wipe off excess cuticle remover before proceeding. If your nails are brittle, apply a base coat to protect your nails. To finish, apply cuticle oil and massage in to moisturize your cuticles and keep them healthy. Wearing nail polish isn’t going to harm your healthy nails, although you probably should give your nails break from time to time. As part of your home manicures, make sure you choose acetone-free nail polish remover when you decide to begin that break. Wear gloves for better nail care when working with your hands, such as when you’re gardening or housecleaning, to protect the polish and keep dirt out of your nails.

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