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Choosing Wedding Colors! The Alluring Colors of Mustard Yellow and Gold

For #Jode18, it is all about the alluring colors of Mustard Yellow and Gold! The couple opted for the gentle hue of Mustard Yellow with a touch of gold. The color scheme is so perfect for couples who want to look classy on their big day.  The eclectic ambiance of these unque color is a […]


Choosing Wedding Colors! Black and White Showstopping Colour Combo

Go bold with Black and White! For your bridal look, pattern added to basic black and white scheme to add punches of color will create visual interest. A soothing bridal look with a punch of black – This perfect combo presents a picture of perfection with its clean finishes and cleverly use of accessories.


Choosing Wedding Colors! The Alluring Colors of Aqua, Gold, & Sky Blue

The color Aqua is giving Bridal look a whole new lift. This is not a common color but when perfectly used, it gives a whole new meaning, look, and feel! It is a terrific color and you can see in these bridal photos that it is gender neutral because it’s not an overwhelming tone. You […]


The Magnificent Colors of Turquoise Blue and Red

The Color Blue – Bright and striking, also subdued and soothing depending on how it is being used, Blue can completely transform any bridal look. Combine Blue and Red with a touch of Gold and you’d get something ultra magical. Turquoise is another elegant color choice for a bridal. It has an upscale quality without […]


The Sophisticated Colors of Custard Yellow and Lavender: See How Omolara and her Aso-Ebi Girls Combined This Classic Color Combo

If we go Custard yellow, it’s important to be grounded in warmer color to keep it alive! This energetic and optimistic hue will add the wow glamor to your big day. Go bold with the perfect colors of Custard Yellow and Lavender.


The Classic and Modern Colors of Blue Hues for a Glam Bridal Look

If you want an “Uh-oh” moment, then opt for Blue! Adding Blue to Blue creates some beautiful shades of this primary, Royal, Navy and Midnight Blue. In the bridal portrait inspiration pictured here, three different shades of Blue have been layered and used together on the outfit, makeup, and bridal finishes.


Add The Unique Glow To Your Wedding! The Bold Hues of Orange, White, and Silver

This color combo article is all about the perfect blend of 3 unique colors – Orange, White, and Silver! You can bring high energy and spirit to your bridal look with a vibrant shade of Orange. Orange is a high-energy color that hollers, “Look at me!” — a great choice for a modern bride who […]


Choosing Wedding Colors! The Whimsical Colors of Grey and Ivory

Grey is considered a good color to use when you want to create a magical feel, as it evokes calmness and serenity. Our passion for colors is just so ethereal that we love how every color radiates uniquely without overpowering any color it is combined with.


Choosing Wedding Colors! The Classic Colors of Green and Fuchsia Pink

Pink mixed with metallic and cool color hues creates a compelling palette that gives an eclectic feel! The color combination of Fuchsia Pink and Green is rare, but when these two unusual colors are combined together, they create magic. Using Fuchsia can be frightening, but if you love Pink, it’s best to use a vibrant […]


Choosing Wedding Colors! The Astonishing Color Combination of Yellow and Grey

  If you want to go with the glow on your wedding day, Yellow will do the magical! The color combination of Yellow and Grey is utterly fabulous. You can never go wrong with these two colors. It brings so much excitement as well as a glowy effect. The color Yellow speaks for itself with […]


Makeup Colours That Suits Your Skintone

When it comes to makeup, give yourself  the ultimate makeover when it comes to your eye makeup, lipstick and blusher shades of choice. Whether you have pale skin, olive skin, medium deep or dark skin, we have all bases covered thanks to these pro makeup ideas for enhancing and complementing your particular colouring.


Eclectic and Edgy! The Contemporary Colors of Red and Black Wedding Colors

You can harness the attention-getting power of red and use it to emphasize interesting elements at your wedding. Couples who love Red and Black are passionate about love, sex, and adventure. These are beautiful hues in harmony and other cool elements can be added to give a classy feel. In a wedding, using small bits […]

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