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Engagement Ring Trends! What is Your Engagement Ring Saying About You?

While some may see the wedding ring as mere ‘by-products of minerals’, others have a strong significance for what the ring symbolises. It is universally known that a wedding ring or band, is used to seal the process of a wedding; from the vows to the proclamtions- a ring binds all promises made, and vows […]


Tips On Wedding And Engagement Ring Shopping

Wedding ring means so much and it plays a major role on your big day. Some wedding rings come in sets, while others can be mixed and matched. There is something to suit each personality when it comes to shopping for wedding bands. Choosing a wedding ring is an important decision, some ladies like to […]


Swoon! Checkout Victoria Beckham’s Posh Engagement Rings From David Beckham

Victoria & David Beckham have been happily married for 15 years now. Victoria makes a bold statement with her outfits any time she steps out. The hardworking mom of four and talented fashion designer deserves some beautiful blings. Most women see their engagement ring as a lasting – and singular – symbol of love. But […]

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