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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake Theme

by Funmi Attah

As part of your plan for your wedding day, your cake is definitely one very important aspect which plays a significant role and must not be overlooked.
As the time to get your cake draws closer, you have to ask yourself this question; what does the color of your cake speaks of us? the fact still remains that your cake is a reflection of you and your spouse as a couple. But even as you stretch your creativity there are several aspects of a wedding cake that should help your decision. today, we suggest some major factors that ought to determine the wedding cake theme you choose.

Special Meaning
What do you want your wedding cake to signify? Is there a special message or impression that you want it to make? These are important considerations that every couple has to make when choosing their wedding cake theme. May be you want it to signify the sanctity of the union or the dawn of a new phase in your life as a couple. All these meanings are made possible by the kind of theme you pick.

Different seasons call for different themes. For instance, if your wedding falls in the Christmas period, you may consider adding a few Christmas colors to your wedding cake theme so that it encompasses the event timing. In any case, a season themed wedding cakes ensures that your wedding revolves around the characterization of the specific time of the event.^358421C0AD068D75A45D0C08ABD5F1EFC84C423666645E4DBF^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr
Overall Wedding Style
The only way you are going to get your wedding décor right is by ensuring that all elements work together harmoniously, and your wedding cake is no exception. The colors you choose for your cake should add to the overall theme and style of your wedding. If you are not sure about the colors, a qualified wedding planner should come in handy. Since in most cases a wedding cake is the last purchase you make when planning a wedding, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a theme that compliments the rest of the décor.

Your Taste and Style
Given the importance of a wedding cake, you should find a special theme that resembles your taste and style. Just like your bridal gown, your wedding cake too should help you make a statement. Talk to a qualified wedding cake expert like Sweet Inspirations for ideas on how to create a unique wedding cake theme that will tell your story.

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