Choosing Wedding Colors! The Astonishing Color Combination of Yellow and Grey


If you want to go with the glow on your wedding day, Yellow will do the magical!

The color combination of Yellow and Grey is utterly fabulous. You can never go wrong with these two colors. It brings so much excitement as well as a glowy effect. The color Yellow speaks for itself with its brightness and energetic nature. Yellow is a welcoming and happy hue that brightens our spirits. There are different Shades of Yellow and this includes Banana Yellow, Medium Yellow, and Saffron Yellow etc.

In this wedding color palette feature, the vibrant Yellow hue is combined with a shimmering Grey, and as we can see, the result is perfectly heartwarming.

Using bright Yellow. Bright, clear yellow is like sunlight — strong and uplifting any day any time.

Other colors you can combine with Yellow are Purple, Peach, Orange, Green, Black, Red, Pink, Tiffany Blue and so on.

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Photo Courtesy:

Photography: Soji Oni

Aso-Oke- Bimmms

Makeup: Beauty and the Beholder Makeovers

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