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Christmas Ready Bridal Look; Red on Red never looked better

by Beatrice Inim

It’s the holiday season, and we are starting to see a lot of the holiday colours around in home decorations, street decorations, and of course, in daily fashion too.
Bridal Muses are not left out of this total embrace of the holiday mood, as this stunning Bridal inspirational shoot
shows a stunning model glowing in red on red.
That would be red gele, red iro, and red buba for a traditional wedding look. The red ensemble could not look better, and it defies the expectation that that much colour in one shade should be blinding to the eyes, or distasteful. Instead, it looks really pretty and matches perfectly with the Muse’s skin. The bold red colour of the lipstick is also a fabulous choice.

What’s also oh so fabulous is the use of gold accessories.

See photos;

Photography @charliel_photography

Makeup @shintelxmakeover

Asooke @ asookeblings

Accessories @sadiqahsadiq_

Muse @hanoussh

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