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#CJLoveStory! Cynthia and Jide’s Romantic Proposal in Dubai

by WDN

We love beautiful surprise proposals!

Nigerian photographer, @Jidekola, took some ample time out to plan the perfect and unique proposal for his beau…..and, of course, the planning and behind-the-scenes strategies are swoon-worthy – She said Yes.

Read the couple’s romantic surprise proposal story below as shared by the bride-to-be, Cynthia.

Jide had been owing me a vacation to Dubai for so long, in fact, I had a Dubai flight ticket that had been rescheduled more than thrice because there’s always one wedding or the other making him busy. I can’t complain too much, I’m dating a workaholic.

I’ve always wanted an intimate proposal, but with the most important people to me involved – my brother and my best friends. I believe I might have mentioned this in passing and he was attentive enough to catch it (don’t wanna give him the credit of being so accurate with his plan 😈).

We packed for the trip, Dubai here we come… Finally! I searched his whole house for a ring, the whole travel boxes… No ring; so this guy won’t propose to me in this our Dubai Waka. When we got to Dubai, he took me shopping to buy a dress and said we were going to a house party with his longtime friend that lives in Dubai, I tried on a few dresses and we arrived at one. I should have guessed.

We left for the party later that evening, his longtime friend took us there, and on opening the door to the “house party”; boom! It was our pictures, and balloons and rose petals, with gentle music playing in the background. He led me to the balcony and I saw four of our closest friends holding balloons. Nobody told me y’all were in Dubai 😱😱😱

Just when I thought the surprise was over, then comes my brother, my only sibling walking in with the ring in his hand… My brother was the ring bearer 😍😍😍 I didn’t even know when I screamed out loud. Jide was on his knees and started his proposal speech, let me confess, I didn’t hear a thing… Everything was just too beautiful, the man of my dreams on his knees, my perfect ring – a big rock, the ambiance.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this superman… workaholic… fire dancer… creative eyes… footballer… computer whiz… Jidekola.

I’m so proud to be “Jide’s Queen”

Issa wedding… #CJLoveStory


Photography @tope_horpload
Video @timmydavies_
Proposal Planner @sparkplugproposals
Ring @rings.ng

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