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The Classy Infusion of Interior Design into Your Wedding Decor

by WDN

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Introducing Hermosa Boda!

The wedding world is experiencing a revolutionized touch when it comes to ambiance and decor. Every bride wants a touch of something unusual and classy at her wedding venue and in this modern age, design enthusiasts are always on their toes to bring a wow-factor into the wedding design and decor.

After thorough research, Ighiwiyisi Jacobs, the creative director of Hermosa Boda, decides to bring in her vast experience in interior design into weddings. Her passion is to transform any wedding reception into a grand space that will bring out the style and personalities of the couples who want something utterly unique with a glamorous touch by infusing modern props, lighting, and arts.

Asante Sana!

HERMOSA BODA is a design service targeted at special events. Our specialty is scene staging and set design. The idea behind Hermosa Boda flows from the same creative pool as what you would see within shop windows on high streets abroad. Each store strives to outdo the next by staging scenes within its display windows. It could be a scene from the safari, or even the South Pole. It doesn’t matter. The idea is to draw the eye of the passerby. HERMOSA BODA uses lighting, props, and art to create the exact same effect, only this time, within events. Using our expertise in visual merchandising, scenic design and interior design we create visual masterpieces for particular areas within events such as Cake Tables, High tables, Eru Iyawo, photo booths, editorial photo shoots and any other event highlights.

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This bride wanted to make a statement. Everything about this wedding was scripted very carefully and painstakingly. Drafts were submitted and adjusted. Artist’s impressions were drawn up and approved. HERMOSA BODA created this golden set with giant paper snowflakes to house the three spectacular cakes that the bride selected. We decorated the cake table and created a scene that said it all. Luxury, style and charm. The gold sequined photo booth was another special feature that the bride requested for. Each sequin was painstakingly and symmetrically attached to our gold set, creating a lush ‘Gatsbyesque’ glow.

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This wedding set was created for a bride whose sole request was flowers. We took that one word and built an entire “Lovers Garden” theme around it.  Everything in this set was assembled painstakingly and with unwavering attention to detail. From the myrtle and boxwood panels to the floral chandelier to each carefully placed butterfly and each light source, no expense was spared. Nothing is done without careful thought. The silver birch trees and uplighting in the background were created to highlight the depth of the set and to serve as a contrast to the green wall behind.

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Wura (which means gold in Yoruba) was HERMOSA BODA’s creative interpretation of the beauty, strength, and resilience of mothers around the world. We created this set to celebrate international women’s day as well as mothers’ day. At the end of what was a fantastic collaboration between Shakara Couture and Hermosa Boda, we were about to dismantle the set when it dawned on us that we could do a night shoot as well. And so we did. This time, we were graced by the very talented Isaac Emokpae of I.E.P. Youtopia who took these spectacular evening images.

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