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Creating a Perfect Signature Cocktail For Your Wedding.

by Atai Akpan

When the time comes for your wedding guests to toast to your beautiful and everlasting love, why don’t you put a lovely signature cocktail in their hands, that not only has bursting flavors, but also meaning to it. I’m pretty sure a few may be wondering what a signature cocktail may be looking for at a wedding. Come on! It’s a wedding! Feel free to add a few tweaks here and there to make it pop. Plus, by infusing a signature cocktail, you will be offering your guests something more interesting, giving them a break from the ‘usuals’. This is another element to your special day that can be customized.

But how do you begin? Well, here are the basics that should aid in you in creating the perfect signature cocktail for your day.

Personalize it

Firstly, what makes a cocktail ‘signature’? The word itself outlines what the drink is all about. It could be one of the drinks you had together on your first date, or any other drink that holds a lot of significance to you (perhaps when he proposed). Above all, it should be a drink you both love the taste and look of it too.

Staying true to the Season

Incorporating fresh seasonal ingredients in your cocktail will definitely make it, one to reckon with. When it comes to cocktails, most people usually just a grab a bottle of soda to add to their glass containing liquor, giving room for discrepancies in flavors. It is advisable for one to consider the season the wedding might be happening, and think of the ingredients that will most likely go with it.


Infusing the theme colors.

So you’ve certainly rounded up almost all of your wedding preparations. You’ve chosen the venue, décor, theme, right down to the wedding color. So why not incorporate one, if not all of your wedding colors to your cocktail? Dare to imagine your reception hall, filled with bursting colors of your cocktails blending right in with your décor and all. By the way, making a creative cocktail that includes your wedding theme colors will definitely be an awe wonder for your guests. We definitely want to make a statement when it comes to that. (don’t we?)


Give it a Name

One of the perks about having a signature cocktail is getting to name it. (What’s the fun in creating a drink and not giving it a name??). Giving it a name allows you to truly own it. It could also be a way for you and your partner to reminisce about beautiful memories you both shared.  Also, it gives you and your partner room for creativity. You could name it after your last name or even your wedding theme.

His and Hers

Who says that you can only have one signature cocktail at your wedding? It’s pretty difficult for one cocktail to please all of your guests, the same way it’s difficult for some couples to decide on a particular drink. In situations like these, the couple can decide to have two or more signature cocktails. In the case of two, the groom picks one, as the bride picks the other. That way your guests are being given options to pick from.


Irrespective of all, there’s simply no right or wrong way when it comes to creating your signature cocktail. Always remember that even though all these are wedding preparations, it still doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t have fun.



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