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Maya’s Diary: Crushed Ego!

by Mo Aremu

Hi guys so I have been missing in action and really it has not been easy.
Ok let me complain first before gisting.
I am so exhausted, I always have something to do, there is never a moment of rest for me. O my, I just hope I won’t drop dead one day, I feel so ugly, I don’t think my friends care, my husband does not seem to look at me the way he used to lol. Okay now I feel better.
Well just last week I found out I was pregnant (not that I want to have a baby now, but I guess we were just careless) a day after I sent you guys my second week experience. It was a little difficult going through the week having to go to work and run the house. I just got back from a vacation so there was no way I could take few days off. Anyway to cut a long story short I set up an appointment with my doctor and on my second visit, he told me I had lost the baby. I cried my eyes out and all I could tell myself was that all would be well. My husband was a little shaken up but as usual, you guys know, men would never let you really know how they feel. I had a dilation and curettage (D&C) on Friday so I am currently home trying to recuperate and get back to work.
I have been thinking about my marriage a lot these days and I keep praying to God because it seems as though after I got married I fell out of love with my husband and kind of became a room mate. I do not want to be that way because I remember when we were dating, I was so happy and I looked prettier, all I ever did was smile, now I look at myself in the mirror and it seems I am getting uglier by the day.
I hardly smile these days due to lack of sleep, lack of sex, lack of any exciting thing. We have become regular mummy and daddy guys. Reading newspaper and cooking meals. The twins even seem happier than us these days.
Well guys it is crazy but I need advise on how to spice up our love life.
So last week the twins were both in the bathroom trying to do #2, when the stuff finally came out I cleaned them up emptied their potties and flushed the toilet, immediately the toilet blocked (if you have ever seen American style toilets you will understand why they are not made for the regular fufu and eba eating African man) and I was just helpless. The twins were just starring down and waiting because they usually like to watch their poo disappear, then they do hi-5 and run off. God knows where they got that from.
I was out of ideas, then I remembered I had plastic gloves (do not try at home if you are too tush lol), I wore the gloves and crushed my babies’ poo to make sure they were tiny enough to go through the hole while I made them turn around so they would not see what I was doing, the system worked and I was just like ‘yes this is it, I am officially ugly and dirty’. Thank God I was alone, so I made sure I washed my hands 5 or more times and in the kitchen I went to make dinner for my husband………..highlights from the paste weeks lol.
Don’t forget tips on how to spice up our sex life.

Talk later

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