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Date Night Is Extremely Underrated In Relationships And Marriages Today: Read All About It!

by Beatrice Inim

If You are African, or Mostly Nigerian, you may be thinking, after reading the title of this post, like “Date Night ..Where? How?”

While you may not be totally wrong to think Date night is not something people in this part of the world aspire to, or dedicate so much commitment to achieving, it is some sort of necessity actually, in every relationship, or marriage.

Date night is so significant and impactful, and that is why it seems so underrated; its true essence is not appreciated or known.

I’d leave you with two solid reasons Date night should be part of your dating, or marriage schedule or routine.

Firstly, and you may have heard this before, it is to spice things up. As cliché as that may sound, the chase does not have to stop after the relationship or marriage has been set in motion. In fact, the chase should become more intense at this point.

Things, events, conversations, outings,  etc in the relationship should come with the same fiery and romantic energy as it did, when it was barely or not even a relationship yet. Consequently, keep dating each other, and making out time to relax and talk about each other’s week, or the day.

Secondly, it is for the simple reason of just doing something nice and thoughtful for your partner. It honestly does not get simpler than that.

Out of your own volition, do something nice for your spouse or partner, and treat them to date night. Trust me, the thoughtfulness will warm their hearts and blow their minds all at once!

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