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Early Morning Drive Time With Mo (DTWM)

by Mo Aremu

I woke up late today, started my journey around 7:15 am. I usually get in my car between 6:45 am and 6:59 am, anytime after 7 am becomes a great hassle and rest assured my late sign into work that day.


I would say I am a good driver (very proud to say that), I do change lanes and I drive fast, I have a @waze application that lets me know if there is police presence or accidents on the road. I do not take traffic rules for granted, as I value my life, that of my family and other motorists. Thoughts of who will hug my little boys whenever they feel down or even naughty (reassuring them I am here to support them till they receive sense), who would feed hubby of mine even when he is annoying and my parents, make me want to live and act responsibly.

Halfway through my journey, I had to change my route because the road was already blocked. I started indicating to join the lane on my right so I can veer off the road. I had seen a red Mercedes Benz a few yards down the lane I was indicating to join (distance was quite reasonable), I looked at my rear mirror one last time and this car was almost beside me, the driver had obviously sped up when she saw me indicating to join her lane. I quickly went back to my lane, as this car passed by me, the very classy looking and young female driver gave me the middle finger. ‘Hold up…what did I do?’ Anyway, I shook my head let her drive by and still indicating, I joined the lane because the truck behind her let me go in. I left the traffic behind to make my turns as I followed my @waze app and boy, I did make it to work right on time.

Note…If you are the type who likes to stay on a lane until you reach your destination, @waze is not for you lol, be sure to use your google maps and leave for your destination hours before.
This trip got me thinking about life, you start a journey and halfway through, you decide it is not for you. There are distractions along the way and people who would never let you go through, all you have to do is wait for the craziness to die down and hope a reasonable person will help light a touch through your path. Sometimes you even show interest in something and people who initially started out but slacking off decide to compete or even prevent you from making your dream a reality. Talk of human obstructer…is not the sky wide enough for birds to fly without colliding.

Never judge by looks because the person you least expect to help would be right there waiting. Not everyone in a suit or pencil skirt would have a pen and paper for you…Life happens, people change, and you even outgrow your dreams sometimes, be sure to take the right steps to make things happen. If I had ignored the woman in the Mercedes Benz, we would have probably had a collision and delayed other people coming right behind us. A little patience is all it takes, ‘this too shall pass’.

Do you have a dream that you have been nursing, start early and stop procrastinating, the longer you procrastinate the more congested things get. No one will wait for you to take action, another person is probably dreaming the same dream, execution and prompt action is what sets you apart. Go for your goals; do not get tardy.

Try not to read this while driving…

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Call me Mo, I live in Florida, work in its most popular city @Miami, I drive a minimum of 2 hours to and from work (note the minimum). For me, 2 hours is a very long time to do nothing, hence the reason I decided to share my experience every day as I ply two popular highways in my state. I have experienced my share of craziness on these highways; talk of suicide, car crashes, road rage etc. right in front of me. Be sure to follow this space to read more, and enjoy how I compare these experiences to life’s journey.



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