Extremely Gorgeous! This Igbo Traditional Wedding Outfit is one to Crave for

Today, we are swooning over a beautiful bride from a rich culture, Igbo!

 The Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria are an enterprising ethnic group and are noted for their rich culture and traditions. With large numbers of Igbos dominating Nigeria, it is common to get invited to an Igbo traditional marriage (Igbankwu) and certainly worth witnessing one.

The most interesting thing about the Igbos is the way with which they adorned their bride; their attires are always thrilling and adorable. If you take a look at the bride highlighted today you would in no doubt believe that everything with the Igbos is all bright and beautiful. The bride looks absolutely radiant in her beaded traditional outfit and the makeup just did justice to it all. See photos of the mind blowing bride below!


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