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How Do I Fall in Love Again? Part II

by WDN

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After their long emotional chat at the waterside
Dele and Susan had a quiet dinner
He was brooding over the story Susan told him
He wondered if this was fate or chance?

Susan seeing Dele engrossed in his thoughts
She seized the opportunity to observe him closely
Dele had changed in many ways
She observed that he was no longer lanky

His biceps were well-toned now
His ruddy face, now lean and beautiful
His signature afro had been replaced by an extremely low cut
But he still wore the same fragrance from years ago

Susan, Dele called her name
Rousing her out of scrutinizing him
You are not eating your food? Dele asked
Oh! Don’t mind me, Susan answered

She picked up a fork and started eating
Though she had lost her appetite
Then, Dele initiated a light conversation
Just to keep away the awkward silence between them

Their date ended at 1:30 am
As they walked to their cars
Dele didn’t try to hold her again
Though he walked in step with her

Thank you for your time, Dele
Susan said as she unlocked her car
He nodded and said,
Be safe as you drive home

Bye, Susan
Bye, Dele, she replied
Trying to still her shaky voice
Who could believe she and Dele would meet again?

As she drove away
She began to cry quietly
Thanking God for bringing him her way again
When all hope was lost

Susan got home about 2 am
Her children were asleep
But their Nanny kept vigil
Waiting for her to return

She thanked her children’s Nanny and bade her goodnight
Went into her room to retire for the night
While she sat on her bed
Susan reached out for her phone to check on Dele

Her phone beeped as she picked it up
It was a message from him and it read
Hi Susan!
Trust you got home safely

She sighed after she read it
The message was so impersonal
Maybe I have my hopes high too soon
She chided herself

Susan replied his message
Yes, I did and you?
Yes. Goodnight, Susan
Dele replied dismissing any opportunity for a conversation

Good night, Dele, she replied to him
Susan went into her bathroom
Changed into her nightwear
And started to clean her makeup

Susan stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror

And she said to herself,
Susan, you are a good woman
Don’t give in to depression

Though you made a mistake leaving Dele in the lurch
You sacrificed your true love for your family’s comfort
But it is not the end of your life
Stand tall and be the beautiful you

Susan switched off the light in the bathroom
And went to bed
She slipped into a dreamless sleep
One she had not had in a long while

The next morning
There was a new spring to her feet
She felt light-hearted
As her hope to live again was renewed

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday passed
No message from Dele
Should I reach out to him? she thought
No, I will wait for a few more days

The three days stretched into a 3-week silence
And not a word from Dele
Susan was heartbroken
Though she made up excuses for him to justify his silence

But they didn’t bring her any comfort
The more she thought about his silence
The more she struggled with self-condemnation
As her renewed hope began to wane

Meanwhile, Dele was in an emotional mess
On the exterior, he looked all put together
But his emotions were like a watery mass
He wasn’t sure of what he wanted again

A renewed relationship with Susan
Or just friendship?
Months after his parents had given up
On pressuring him to get married

He remembered their last conversation
The one they had last Christmas when he went visiting
Dele, when are you bringing a wife home to us? His Mom enquired
Your Dad and I are not getting younger

You are our only child
Make us have a reason to celebrate again
Our home and lives are quiet
It’s the season of having our grandchildren run around in the house

Please let go of the past, Dele’s Mom pleaded
Your ex chose someone else over you
That’s not enough reason to become a Eunuch
She’s made a choice and you make a better one

A man that wants to move forward
Will untie himself from the weight of past failures
That he may be able to run,
My son, da a kun, his mom pleaded

Mom, I have heard you and Dad, Dele answered
I will start working on it
Very soon, I will bring someone home, Mom
Since then, they never spoke about the issue again

So, he began to open his heart to love again
Then he took note of Tola
A petite brainy intern at his office
Asked her out on a few dates but with no commitment

The few times they were together
She seemed to reciprocate his feelings
Hoped when she rounds up her internship at his office
He would formally ask her to date him

Though the chemistry between wasn’t that electrifying
He hoped he would fall in love with her
When they start to date
And the relationship would turn out to be a lasting one

Dele had his mind made up about Tola
He had even started counting down to the end of her internship
Since it was against company policy for staff to date interns
Then, Susan showed up

Her arrival stirred emotions
Ones he thought were long dead and buried
She was beautiful
A look at Susan still made his heart flip

The way she laughed during their dinner tickled his heart
He noticed she was more outspoken than before
Unlike their dating days
When she was reserved in a very special way

Susan ticked all the boxes of what he wanted in a wife
He had thought his search was over when he met her
Then she broke his heart into a million pieces
When she secretly went away to get married

After their date night on Saturday
Dele’s heart was torn between his old flame, Susan
And Tola who he was already hinting about his intentions
What do I do? He asked himself

In the depths of his heart
There was a flickering flame of love burning for Susan
But Susan has 2 children already, he reminded himself
Does that mean I would become a boyfriend and a father at the same
time if we date?

This is a tough call, Dele sighed
He wasn’t sure he was ready for that
He thought about their Saturday’s dinner
His heart warmed towards her again
Susan’s words, look and gestures filled his mind

Oh, my God! He cried

I think I would take some time to process these feelings
Then, make my decision, Dele concluded
For the first time in years, he said a prayer for clarity

Three weeks later,
Dele was yet to make a decision
He didn’t reach out to Susan and he avoided Tola at work
Just to keep his head clear

On the fourth week of his sworn silence
Susan decided to reach out to Dele
She dialled his number twice
Unfortunately, he was in a meeting with his boss

Her calls went unanswered
She sighed out of frustration and sent him a message
Hi, Dele! Trust you are fine. Called to check on you

After the meeting with his boss
Dele forgot to return Susan’s call nor send her a reply
He returned to his office to prepare for the task at hand
An investor’s brief scheduled to hold 7 pm later that day

At the close of official work hours
Tola came to see him in his office
Hi Dele! She greeted him
Hey Tola! Dele replied

Dele, I trust all is well? Tola asked
You seem to be avoiding me
Did I offend you in any way? She quizzed
Dele stood up from his desk and walk to where she was

Before he could say a word
Tola tried to hug him
Dele refrained her and held her shoulders lightly
Dele, is everything okay? Tola asked looking into his face

I know you’ve not made any commitment to me
I also know you are not like other men
You are a keeper!
You don’t play games

You’ve hinted me with your actions and words
That there can be something between us
Then all of a sudden, you started avoiding me
Dele, please I need an answer, Tola cried

Tola, you didn’t offend me in any way
And I’m very sorry for my actions
I’m really sorry, Dele apologised again
This is not the best place to discuss this

My boss and I have a meeting at 7 pm with some clients
I need to tidy up the presentation for the meeting
Can we meet for dinner tomorrow night?
Kingston Jo Burger by 8 pm?

Okay, I would be there, Tola said nodding
Be a good girl, Dele teased her
Bye, Dele
She said as she walked out of his office

The investors’ meeting started at 7 pm sharp
Dele’s presentation was exceptional
The investors were impressed
He had all the answers to their questions

After the presentation, the investors gave their word
Assuring Dele and his boss of their desire to invest in the new venture
Then they left
His boss said to him,
You truly are an asset to me and this company
Well done, son, his Boss said

Dele was surprised
His difficult boss had called him, son
Thank you, sir, Dele replied
Be rest assured of giving my best always, he added

Dele, you would be heading this new venture, his Boss revealed
You are the best fit for the role, he added
Your offer letter would be sent to you next week on Monday
Thank you, sir, Dele said
His heart was full of gratitude
Though his heartbreak had driven him to work hard

Least I forget, his boss added
My wife and I would be celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary
We are planning a small intimate family dinner
It is scheduled for August 14 – next month

We would like you, Dele, to come to celebrate with us
Wow! My early congratulations, sir
Dele said congratulating his boss
I feel honoured to be invited

My PA would send your invitation to you tomorrow
Mark your calendar
And please feel free to bring along your girlfriend
His boss winked at him and left

Dele heaved a deep breath as he sat down
The emptiness began to creep in again
There was no one to share his wins with
He wanted to fall in love and love someone again

Author: Anu Onasanya

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