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How Do I Fall in Love Again? Part 4 By Anu Onasanya

by WDN

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On the night of his departure to Switzerland
Dele and Tola sat at the airport lounge
Enjoying their last few moments together
It was indeed an emotional one

Dele held Tola as she cried against his chest
He lifted up her face slightly and said,
Baby, I’m just going for a few months
Trust me, time is going to fly so fast that we won’t know it

I promise
I would call, chat and skype with you at every free moment
Luckily, Switzerland is just an hour ahead
It’s going to be like we were never part

Be a good girl
Even though the introduction ceremony never held
This heart, my heart beats for you
Dele said beating his chest slightly

I want you to know that the last few weeks have been my happiest
And I’m sure for you also
You brought sunshine into my world again
You’ve made me have reason to love again

Tola nodded as he spoke
Overwhelmed by emotions
When I return, Dele added
We would take things further

I love you, my baby
Dele said cleaning her tears
Then, he pulled her into his embrace again
Bye, Baby girl

A few hours later
Dele and other passengers were called to board
Tola returned home
Holding onto every word Dele said

Dele arrived safely at his destination
Two days later
Intensive lectures and seminars started
He could barely get time out to chat with Tola except at nights

Some nights they would talk late into the night
Or wake up earlier in the morning
Their love flourished while apart
This was a dream come true for both of them

Three months later
Dele returned to the country
Tola was ecstatic
Her Prince Charming was back

Dele resumed his new position
Executive Director in the company’s new venture
Quite a lot of new grounds to break
But before he immersed himself in his work

Decided to pay Tola’s family a visit
On arrival at their home
An elderly male housekeeper let him in
Asked him to wait in the living room

While he waited
He observed the family was quite comfortable
Pictures of his girlfriend’s family adorned the walls
Could see where Tola got her beauty from

She had a keen resemblance with her Mum
Two of her younger brothers took after their Dad
While the youngest was a mix of both parents
The pictures showed they were a happy family

My Prince Charming
Tola greeted Dele as she entered the living room
Let me get something for you to drink
She said and left

A few minutes later
He could hear some murmuring
It was coming from the direction Tola left
Initially, he wanted to pay attention to what was been said

Decided against and kept on looking at the family photos on the wall
Tola’s family must be a close-knitted one
And they love to travel the world
While he was counting the countries they had been to

A beautiful though older Tola look-alike walked into the sitting room
Before he could regain his composure
She smiled and said,
You must be Dele

You are welcome
My husband would be down shortly
Forgive my manners, she smiled and said,
I’m Tola’s Mum, Mrs. Adebanwo

Good afternoon ma, Dele greeted
It is nice meeting you, ma
Please have your seat, Dele, Mrs. Adebanwo said
Thank you, ma

Thank you for coming around to visit us
As Tola’s Mom spoke
Tola walked in with a tray of drinks and finger foods
Thank you, Tola, Dele said

Dele shifted a little on the double-seater cushion
Thinking Tola would join him
Tola smiled and nodded slightly
I would be back shortly, she said

Mr. Adebanwo joined the conversation
Tola’s both parents grilled Dele with questions
Laid bare his intentions and plans for their only daughter
Above all, they wanted to know who he was

After an hour with Tola’s parents
Tola came into the living room to announce lunch was served
Her parents and Dele went to the dining area
Then, Tola joined them

The conversation finally relaxed
The meal was sumptuous
But he couldn’t really eat so much
As he and Tola made eye contacts across the table

After lunch
Her parents excused themselves
And they were left to themselves
Phew! Dele exclaimed

That was an hour intensive CIA grilling from Dad and Mum
Tola smiled
I think my parents like you
Are you for real? Dele asked

That was the toughest interview I have ever attended
Don’t worry, Baby
I’m sure Mum is going to talk with me later today
And I’m double sure they love you

If you so say, Baby girl
Let me take my leave, Dele said
Thanks for coming around, Dele
This goes a long way proving your love for me

Later that night,
Tola’s parents came to her room
Her Mom said,
Tola dear, that’s a good man you’ve got yourself

Thank you, Mum and Dad
Tola said smiling
We fell in love with Dele immediately we saw him
He is courteous and quite intelligent

We were very impressed
His intentions are pure and sincere
But we sense that there’s past pain he hasn’t fully gotten over
And we know you, our daughter

You can be pushy about what you want
Let him make his decisions
Don’t push him into anything
Give him time

If it’s you he eventually marries
You both have a beautiful life ahead
Thank you, Dad and Mum
Tola said and hugged her parents

But no formalisation of your relationship
Until you graduate from college, Mr. Adebanwo warned
You are still young
And you have a whole life ahead of you

After the discussion with her parents
She sent a message to Dele
Guess what? Dad n Mum like you
Wow!!! That’s great news, Dele replied

I love you, my Baby girl, Dele added
Love you too, my Prince Charming
But they said we have to wait till I graduate from college
That’s fine by me, Dele replied

A few days later
While they were chatting, Dele asked
I’m thinking you come visit my parents next week
Say Sunday afternoon

Sure! Will be ready, Tola replied
We will talk more about how it later
Love you forever xoxo
Love you, Babygirl

The days went by quickly and it was Sunday
Dele picked Tola from church with her parents’ permission
On arrival at his parents’ place
Tola was tensed

Baby girl, relax
Dele said as he reached out and held her hand
My parents are easy-going especially my Dad
Just be yourself and I’m sure you will be good

Thank you, Baby
Are we ready? Dele asked
Tola nodded
They both got down from Dele’s car

E kaabo omo mi, Dele’s Mum hugged him
(Welcome my son)
As they entered the modest Bungalow in the large expanse of land
Look who my son brought home
Welcome my daughter, Dele’s Mom embraced Tola

Tola curtsied in response and said,
Thank you, ma
Please come in
My husband is taking a nap

You must be hungry
I’ve made some lunch,
I hope you won’t mind my cooking, my daughter
Please, what is your name?

My name is Tola Adebanwo
Which Adebanwo? Is your Dad the CEO of Allied Merchant Bank
Tola nodded a yes
Interesting, we met at a number of occasions last year

You are welcome, Tola
Immediately, Dele’s Mom turned around to go to the kitchen
Mum, I would like to assist in dishing the food, Tola said
She quickly gave her bag and phone to Dele and followed her

Dele chuckled and winked at Tola
Mum, let me go and wake Dad up, Dele said
It would be nice if we all eat together
Please go ahead, son

Immediately they entered the kitchen
Tola quickly washed her hand and asked what she could help with
Dele’s Mom smiled and said to herself,
Dele has finally brought us a daughter

These are the food warmers
You can dish the food inside them and take them to the dining table
Tola did and set the table
As Dele’s Mum observed her, her heart swelled with gratitude

This is a good and well-trained girl
The food was really delicious, Tola complemented Dele’s Mum
Thank you, Tola
A quiet discussion ensued after that as Dele filled his parents on his

Tola could tell that Dele’s parents were humble people
The opulence inside their house was fit for a king
From outside, one could have judged them otherwise
Even she had assumed they were middle-income family

Listening to their conversation
Dele’s parents knew who was who in the nation
And they weren’t throwing their weights around
Big names just came up in their conversation

Interestingly, Dele never gave her that impression
After lunch, she quickly cleared the table
Dele’s Mum joined her in the kitchen
Don’t worry, Mum, I would do the dishes

My daughter, it’s no big work for me
You wash and I would dry them
As they washed the dishes, Dele’s Mum asked her questions
About her studies, parents and her plans for life

Tola answered wisely as coached by Dele
At times Dele’s Mom would chip in her opinion
But she listened more to what Tola said
After the cleaning, she thanked Tola and said,

Let’s join the men
Thirty minutes later said he wanted to go drop Tola at home
Dele’s parents thanked Tola for coming to visit them
And his Dad said they rarely have such important guest

Tola curtsied to bade Dele’s parents bye
Immediately, they got into the car
Dele rubbed her neck and said
Well done, Baby girl

Hope Mum didn’t give you a tough time in the kitchen?
Not at all
She was very pleasant
Asked about me and gave me some advice about college

That means my parents have accepted you
So, we have a stamp of approval on both sides
Thank God
We need to celebrate

Author: Anu Onasanya

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