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How Do I Fall in Love Again? Part III

by WDN

In case you missed How do I fall in love again I and II, you can catch it up here and here respectively.


Dele’s phone began to vibrate in his pocket
Initially, he wanted to ignore it
On the second ring, he brought it out
It was Lanre calling

Hey! Guy, Lanre greeted
It’s been a while, he added
Lex, wassup? Dele answered
The boys are hanging out at the Rooftop tonight

We are celebrating Frank’s promotion
Would you mind joining us? Lanre asked
That’s good news. Congrats to Frank
I would there be shortly

Dele packed his mac book
Bade the night janitor goodnight
Went ahead to meet his friends
The celebration was in top gear when he arrived

His friends were glad he came around
The mini celebration went on till midnight
Frank settled the bill and they went to their cars
Just before Lanre drove out of the lot, Dele sent him a message

Lex, let’s see before you go, Dele wrote
Lanre drove into another parking space
As Frank and Suleiman drove out of the car park
Just before Dele reached his car, he alighted and leaned on the car

Wassup, Dele?
Thanks for waiting, bro, Dele said
I need your advice on one issue, he added
Lanre smiled and teased him,

Dele, is there someone on the scene?
You only look this troubled when it comes to love matter
Let’s seat inside the car if it is what I’m thinking, Lanre suggested
That’s fine, Dele concurred

As they sat inside the car, Dele spoke
Lex, do you remember Susan?
Lanre nodded and asked
Wassup with her?

We met a few weeks back
Talked about what she did to me, over a dinner
She is single again and has 2 kids
Dele, Lanre called his name interrupting him

Lex, hold on that’s not the end
I think my feelings for her never died
Dele, forget that girl and move on, Lanre said
She is not worth it

Dele closed his eyes and took a deep breath
Lex, there’s someone else I’m considering
Her name is Tola, an intern at my place of work
She is a good girl, knows what she wants

Dele brought out his phone to show Lanre Tola’s picture
She’s beautiful and cute, Lanre said looking at the screen
Dele, you carry eye go market, Lanre teased
Dele smiled and continued talking

Tola checks my list
And I’m sure my parents would accept her on their first meet
But she doesn’t flip my heart, Lanre
I’m torn between her and Susan

Dele, please forget Susan
What about the father of her children?
For all you care, she is in your past
Don’t let Susan shatter your fragile heart again

Move on with Tola
I’m sure as you spend time together
Your love for her will grow
Give Tola an opportunity, Dele

His heartfelt lighter but he was still unsure
After a little more discussion about Tola
The guys ended their conversation
And each drove home in his car

Next day at Kingston Jo Burger
Dele and Tola sat near each other
Chatting and laughing as they ate their meal
From a distance, you could not help but admire them

They were an ideal pair
Dele was handsome and smart
Tola was cute, beautiful and intelligent
The conversation between them flowed with ease

Never a dull moment between them
They were both comfortable being themselves
And around each other
But Dele’s feeling for Tola was not euphoric

After eating, Tola asked him
Dele, wassup with us?
He held her hands and said,
Tola, I do really like you, I mean really

I’m really considering “us”, Dele said gently
Tola lowered her eyes
Her heart was beating wildly
The most eligible bachelor in the office is asking her out

Tola, would you like to be my girlfriend? Dele asked
She nodded and hugged him really tight
Wow! Tola that’s a bear hug
Tola laughed slightly as Dele held her hands in his

Tola dear, you have three more weeks to round up your internship
So, this stays between us till then
Company policy does not permit dating interns
It would do us a lot of good to enjoy us before the world knows

Tola was overly excited
She nodded, giving her consent to Dele’s suggestion
As Dele drew her into his arms
He wondered why he didn’t feel as joyful as he ought to be

Dele and Tola became two beans in a pod
Inseparable as they began to spend time with each other
But avoiding each other at the office
Giving no room for the office rumour mill

Finally, Tola ended her internship at Dele’s office
Dele lavished Tola with his love, gifts and attention
He wanted to build something really special with her
As he pushed the thoughts of Susan further back in his mind

His Boss’s 35th Wedding Anniversary Celebration came
He went alone
But not before he and Tola had a big fight
Tola wanted to go with him

She had concluded her internship a week earlier
She saw no reason why Dele wouldn’t take her as his date
Dele, are you trying to play hide and seek with me? Tola cried
Or you are not proud of me?

Dele tried to explain to her that it was too soon
She just left the company
It was too early to announce that they were dating
Unless she wanted his Boss to lose confidence in him

Reluctantly, Tola conceded to Dele’s line of reasoning
Life continued – their relationship continued to blossom
Then, Dele had to travel to Switzerland for a 3-month executive training
Before he heads the new company venture

Tola was heartbroken
As they discussed over dinner that night
She suggested,
Dele, don’t you think we should do a small formal introduction?
Just thinking before you leave

Nothing extravagant
Just a family affair – my parents and yours
My siblings and a few friends, she added
Dele was surprised, he didn’t see that coming

Tola dear, I feel that’s a bit soon
We’ve just been dating for 5 months
And I’m going for 3 months and would return
I would definitely miss you when I’m away

We would take one day at a time while I’m away
Tola burst into tears
Dele, do you really love me? She asked
Dele nodded a yes, holding her in his embrace

Then, let’s do this
At least to consolidate what we share
Dele please, Tola pleaded
Dele was in a fix

He wasn’t ready for a full-blown commitment
Not that he had reservations about his girlfriend
Gladly, he had even started falling in love with her
But he wanted to know her better before they move ahead

Tola, let me think about it
I’m yet to take you home to see my parents
I can’t just spring an introduction on them
Tola, please, try and understand

She nodded a half-hearted yes
Still, think about it Dele, she added
Okay, I would. I love you, Tola
I love you too, Dele

Author: Anu Onasanya

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