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Fashion Focus; Hello Red!

by Atai Akpan

As the Christmas season is seen to be lurking right round the corner (Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!), one can’t help but be pretty much excited about what it has to offer. All around us, we can vividly see the pop of the season’s colors (Red, Green, white and so much more)


But first, let’s talk about the color ‘red’. Red happens to be the color of love. It is a color that sticks in the eye and can actually change how you see other colors. Many people are of the notion that the color seems to be overpowering (but I believe it all depends on how you choose to wear it) Also, its usually said that lovers of red are quite active, cheerful and optimistic (do you fit in?) Irrespective of whatever has been said, incorporating red into your wardrobe is pretty much, a heavy task.

Because of its power, toning and combining it, or even knowing the right shade that suits you (most especially, if you’re the kind that wants to go all the way with just the color) might pretty much weigh you down and end up discouraging you from indulging into the sweetness of the color.( Psst!). You may be like me who isn’t so lucky have to a personal stylist, hence leaving me with no other option than to take the task upon myself. But no fear! Here’s all you need to know about infusing that lovely red into your fashion style this season.



In order to choose the perfect shade of red that best compliments your features, you will have to determine your skin tone. Yes ladies! Skin tones is pretty much important in making such decisions. Here’s a little guide for that.

Using your wrist (any), take a good look at your veins, if they happen to look green, you end up falling under the warm skin tones (dark in complexion) if they are blue, you have the cool skin tones ( fair in complexion)

Once, you’ve been able to identify where you fit in, you must always know that for warm skin tones, it’s always good to go for brighter and bolder hues, while for the cool skin tones, it happens to be vice-versa. For example, a burgundy red dress will suit a fairer complexion, while an orange-red will look better on a darker complexion.

Of recent, a lot of ladies have been seen to go all out on the color red (I guess we can call them the ‘ladies in red’)



But as we all know, every lady has their moments, if you know you’re not up to wearing red alone, well, there are a lot of beautiful ways to combine it. Perhaps, if you’re of the mindset that it’s just too bright for you, kill that thought because I’m about to show you that it can definitely be toned down and still look perfect.









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