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Fashion Magic: Beautiful and Trendy Peplum Dresses

by WDN

A peplum creates quite a statement silhouette, so it takes a brave woman to pair it with pattern.

The truth is a strategically placed peplum can redefine your natural body shape into a well-defined shape.

Got full hips? No worries! Weirdly, the peplum actually attracts attention away from your hips (and full bosoms, if you have those too). Got no hips? It works great on you too, because the peplum gives the illusion of hips on your particular body type. Got a thick waistline? Problem solved! The peplum, in fact, draws the eye inward and gives the illusion of a cinched waist.

From whimsical to a great silhouette, Style by Temple created this fashion magic in different patterns and styles!

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