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Finding Mr. Perfect Husband Part 5 by Vicky Bon Uzuazor

by Vicky Bon Uzuazor

Yes, here is the Part 5. In case you missed Part 1,  Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4, kindly click here, here, here,  and here respectively.

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Imabasi hung up the call and turned her gaze to Miriam, “Pastor Iniunam is a man of God indeed.
“Oh really? This pastor Iniunam that you believe in so much, I hope he won’t turn out to be fake.”
“Can’t you be positive for me once Mimi?”
Miriam glared at her, her arms crossed, a wry smile curving her lips.
“okay. I will stop sounding negative. Let’s go find your man. Go have a shower, wear your best dress, do a light makeup, let’s go get your man.” Miriam said with a wide smile on her face.
Imabasi became delighted as she ran into her room. She had removed piles of clothes from her trunk box, just to get a dress.
She took her shower immediately, and after a long makeup on her face, she wore a turquoise blue tight gown that exposed her buttocks.
“Wow, this is beautiful. You look like a seductress.” Miriam teased.
Imabasi whirled around excitedly as she took her purse and stood still for Miriam.
“Pastor Iniunam said he is a white guy remember? So, your British accent should be superb.” She said excitedly.
“Let’s go, before we miss him,” Imabasi said as she walked majestically out of the house, followed by Miriam.
As soon as they stepped out of the house, a cab guy stopped in front of them, making a low break sound from the car.
“Here he is!” Miriam whispered to her as she took a deep breath.
“Hello beautiful women, where?” The cab guy asked, his English had Chinese accent, and it was obvious that he was Chinese.
” Brixton Market,” Miriam said shrilly.
“He is white and clean. I think I like him, your godchild is going to be Nigerian-Chinese, such a child is going to be so beautiful because she will have a combination of black and white beauty right?” Imabasi reeled off in whispers into Miriam’s ears. She pulled away again and headed for the front seat of the car.
As soon as Imabasi slammed the car door, a strong garlic smell hit her hard on the nose. An unreasonable fury trembled inside her, desperate to be released. She let it all out, she puked all the noodles she ate in the car and then yelled, “Stop the car! you’re not my husband!”
She was becoming hysterical and her throat was clogging up.


A smile played involuntarily around Miriam’s mouth as she listened to Imabasi lament over her misfortunes with men.
“I am never going to pick pastor Iniunam’s call again. He is a liar.” Imabasi said as she walked to the kitchen sink and ran cold water over her wrists, then splashed her face. She stood there, her dripping hands covering her face until her throat stopped hurting with the need to cry.
“I will be thirty-one next year Mimi. And I don’t even have a serious boyfriend.” She said weakly.
“You had good men all around you. But you said they weren’t perfect enough.You complained about Stan’s small penis, Victor’s smoking habits, body odors, snoring and all that shits. You haven’t met the right man yet, keep searching. Pastor Iniunam gave you other options after all.”
“What options?”
“That God can also reveal to you in the dream who the man is. But I think you should let go all of these and try to fix a date with Victor. He said he was going to stop smoking because of you.”
“He didn’t mean that. I don’t ever want to see him. I detest the acrid smell of cigarettes, it’s choking. No matter what, he is still going to smell cigarettes.”
Miriam started chopping the celery, while Imabasi helped in washing the dishes.
“Have you ever thought of why I am so careful about choosing a life partner?” Imabasi broke the silence.
“It has never occurred to me,” Miriam replied.
“I have witnessed so many divorces. I don’t want to face that. Marriage is everlasting Mimi.”
“Ima, I just hope that all these won’t lead to a more woeful marriage. Life is too short.” Miriam said as she turned the chopped celery into a pot.
Just when she placed the pot of celery on the gas, the doorbell rang.
“Are you expecting someone?” Miriam asked Imabasi.
“Nope. Maybe it’s the newspaper guy again, but I don’t wanna ever see his face.” Imabasi said as she wiped her hands on the kitchen towel.
Miriam left for the door, while Imabasi followed her afterward.
“Newspaper vendor?” Miriam called out tentatively, moving forward to the door.
She clicked it open and her heart skipped at the sight of Richard.
He was carrying a bouquet of roses. “Hi, baby.” He said huskily as he smiled at her.
Imabasi stared at them smiling wide.
“Hi, Richard,” Imabasi said softly.
“Ima Hi.”
Richard handed the flower to Miriam as he knelt on one knee, he inserted his hands into his pocket and brought out a small box. He clicked it open and Miriam and Imabasi were bewildered.
Miriam tried to compose her face, but the sight of Richard kneeling there, so handsome and masculine with a diamond ring in his hands sent dozens of happiness to her heart. She bursted out laughing and crying at the same time as she put her hand over her mouth and tried not to laugh out loud.
“Please Marry me, Baby. The moment you came into my life, everything changed. You became my everything; my mom, my sister and my lover. And now I want to make you as my life companion. Marry me, please. Life without you will be meaningless.”
“Yes. Yes! I will marry you.” Miriam said excitedly as she gave out her left hands.
A line of tear dropped out of Imabasi’s eyes as she watched Richard put the ring into Miriam’s finger.
She wiped her eyes as Miriam kissed Richard on the lip and hugged him tightly.
“Thank you, baby,” Richard said as his arms tightened reflexively around Miriam.
After Miriam had hugged Richard for a while, she turned to Imabasi and gave her a warm hug.
“I am getting married!” she said shrilly.
A fierce longing swept through Imabasi, speeding up her heart. She wished at that moment that her dream man should come to her soon.


Miriam’s joy had no bound when Richard told her they were getting married in Nigeria. Her parents would be proud of her.
Imabasi for a moment looked longingly at Miriam’s engagement ring.

“I have lived in London for fifteen years. I have never met a guy who wants to be serious with me. And you’ve been in London for just a year Miriam, you just found your prince charming, how did you do it? Please don’t tell me about endurance and tolerance, even if he farts in my mouth.” Imabasi said bitterly.

Laughter bubbled up Miriam’s chest, making her feel bold and a little reckless.
“I am not sure you’re ready for a relationship yet, or that you’re a relationship person.” A reluctant smile tugged at her mouth.

“I am a woman, of course, I am a relationship person.” Imabasi retorted.

“Then prove it to me.


“Who is the only man who is after you right now, who wants you so badly? You don’t necessarily need to be crazy in love with a man before you can date him.”

“Victor. But he smo…”

“No, but! Call him!” Miriam said aloud.

Imabasi took a deep breath.

“I am the woman, I can’t call him. He should be calling me and asking me for a date.”

“I don’t think you’re ready. This guy loves you, he loves you so much. The last time he came here, he talked about how much he wants to change because of you. Call him and fix a date, he will keep to it. This is the western world, not Nigeria where women are being scandalized for asking men on dates. They call them cheap sluts. But you know that’s not who you’re. You’re Imabasi, you go after your heart and let things out.”

“He is Nigerian, he is going to think I’m a slut too.”

“No, he won’t. He is a learned man.” Miriam said softly.

Imabasi nodded slowly and fell on the bed.
“He hasn’t called for days now.” she said in a low tone.

“It doesn’t matter. He is human, he also got tired of always bothering you. I think you should call him.”

For a few moment, Imabasi thought of how she was going to talk toVictor.


A few days later, Imabasi and Miriam had begun wedding shopping. They were at a bridal shop trying to make a choice of a wedding gown.

“You should choose what you’re wearing too. I mean as my maid of honour.” Miriam said with a light smile.
Imabasi nodded gently.

“I am going back home again without a husband. My mom is going to eat me raw. ”

Miriam gave a loud laugh, Imabasi’s heart ached at the echo of her infectious laugh.

“Not funny.” She said with a girlish frown.

“Hi ladies.” A slim young lady in a black jean and purple sweater said delightedly. She had piles of wedding gowns in her hands.

“Hello” Imabasi and Miriam said in unison.

“I really have a problem choosing my wedding gown, so before my fiance comes here, I will like you two to choose for me. But I really love this.” She said nicely as she revealed a pearl beaded wedding dress to Imabasi and Miriam.

“I think you should wear it first. We can choose from there, and then you can choose mine too.” Miriam said.

“Forgive my manners, I am Monica Anderson from California.” She said nicely.

“We are Nigerians. I am Miriam, and this is my best friend Imabasi” She pointed at Imabasi. Imabasi waved at Monica nicely.

Monica and Miriam went into the dressing room, and for moments, they came out with different styles of wedding dress which Imabasi found it difficult to choose from.

“I am really confused, they are really beautiful. I don’t know the exact one you should choose. I think you should try the others, while I take pictures of them.” Imabasi said as she searched for her phone in her bag. “And you can choose by yourselves from my phone.” She added.

“My fiance is here!” Monica exclaimed.

As she ran toward him. He was tall, handsome, and the sound of his voice skipped Imabasi’s heart.

“Hi ladies.” He said.

“Victor!” Miriam exclaimed. “You’re the groom?” She asked.

“Wow, Miriam. Oh yes I am getting married to my girlfriend Monica. Imabasi hi, nice to meet you again.”He said nicely as he turned to Imabasi.

She shivered at his cuteness. Victor suddenly became the most handsome man she had ever seen.
His words stripped away the haze of passion that logged her brain.

To be continued……..

Fashion Illustrator: Illustration365

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