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Five Astonishing Tips To Making Your Makeup Last Longer

by Beatrice Inim

Ever been in a situation where you take hours to slay your face before heading out, only to have stepped out for a bit, and your ‘divine’, ‘well-put-together’ makeup smears?

Yep! Exactly!

Not to worry, as here are a few tips to help you beat that face to perfection, and still have your makeup sitting pretty on your face all day.


Begin your makeup on a clean face. Do well, to wash, or wipe face, leaving no dirt debris on the face, before proceeding to begin maekup



It is common knowledge that translucent powder is used to set the face, after highlighting with a concealer under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, the cupids bow, forehead, chin, and other areas where you usually apply your highlight. Now, how about this shocker? The translucent powder is also used to set the face, when it is still bare, before applying anything else. This helps tighten up the skin, and leaving it thick, and dry, ready for the rest of the makeup to be applied. Doing this makes the entire makeup stand out, and last all day long without creasing.




Using a beauty blender to apply your foundation, and blend out the entire makeup, usually gives a nice finish, but adding some moisture to the blender, before blending out your foundation cream, or concealer, does the magic of making your makeup last the entire day.



Setting sprays are usually used to finish off the entire makeup look, creating some humidity on the face, which then dries off after a moment, therefore leaving the face fresh, also leaving your makeup not moving a bit.



Before applying your eyeshadow, use a primer on your eyelids, as this would help your eyeshadow stick perfectly to your lids. The primer also does not allow the eyesahdow smear

Ultimately, long lasting makeup only comes about as a result of the method of application, alongside various other products that help give a long sustainability of the makeup for an entire day.


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