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Floralgasm 101; Inspirations for the Perfect Flowers For Your Wedding!

by Atai Akpan

Whenever I walk into a wedding, I get awed by the presence of beautiful flowers. The warmness that arouses from it. Its ever blooming color, giving the whole room that sunshine and glow. That ambience effect. Il be damned if I don’t acknowledge the power of its beauty.

Nowadays, they aren’t just a thing of beauty, rather they are a way of expressing your personality and style. Yes ladies! I totally get the feeling of being overwhelmed, with just too many options to pick from. You may have a favorite bloom in my mind, or perhaps you could be like me that has a whole lot of favorites. {Yea, I know I’m the worst}

Well, wherever you tend to fall in, here are a few handy tips as well as a few inspirations just for you.

Handy tips

Always make a budget and work within the budget. Discuss with your partner how much you both intend to spend.

If you’re planning your wedding on your own, do extensive research on able wedding florists that could help you.{perhaps, referrals} Always check out previous works and try as much as possible to find out if their style keys in with what you have in mind.

Always incorporate your color scheme for the day.

Always keeps in mind that flowers aren’t supposed to take over the style for the day, but rather complement it.

Embrace the wedding season!

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