HER FORM BY TUBO Bridal Collection is All About Translation of a Fairy-tale Story Using Colors, Lines, and Textures

Popular with a select count of A-listers and famous to have dressed a good number of Brides who have over time constantly made headlines, the highly celebrated womenswear label TUBO has flagged her first Bridal Collection tagged, “HER FORM” for 2018.

Taking into cognizance the four pillars of Design, the inspiration behind our first bridal narrative was strongly drawn from the essence of these Elements, (Color, Silhouette, Line and Texture) and how they don’t just make up the soul of a Dress but also relates to the Woman.
The “Woman” and “HER FORM” is forever pivotal in our yearly narrative, so we went ahead to be boldly opinionated and unapologetically elegant in telling our stories about “The Silhouette” without divorcing it from the of other Elements stitched to Creating a Dress.

“There is a grown up sensibility about a woman’s FORM that outshines societal cliches on size, it is both strong and fluid at the same time and how best to describe an object that houses two contrasting features better than a work of Art”
Sandrah Tubobereni (Creative Director, TUBO)

This bridal range strays away from the typical while still keeping it stitched to our love for classics, hinting a plethora of moods that celebrates every bride’s unique individuality. From Sketch through the entire process of creating, each piece was born of the desire to principally take into recognition and to celebrate the woman’s form, carefully decorating and elaborating our own translation of a Fairy-tale story using Colors, Lines, and Texture, all of which come together to FORM the elements of Design.

Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke


Photo Courtesy

Model: @funke_williams

Makeup: @peaceibadin_mua
Hair: @hairbythekemiamusan
Styling: @thestyleinfidel for @thestylecompanyng

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