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Former X Factor Star Rebecca Ferguson Introduces Daughter Arabella to the World & Tells Her Heartbreaking Story

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28-year-old singer and songwriter Rebecca Ferguson welcomed her new born and third child Arabella last month. Rebecca Ferguson has opened up exclusively to Hello! about the betrayal she faced when the father of her newborn daughter, Arabella, decided to leave after he discovered she was pregnant – and confessed how he had another girlfriend.

Rebecca, a former X Factor star, is already mum to Lillie May, 9, and Karl Jnr, 7 , from a previous relationship with Karl Dures, had kept her heartbreak a secret but has now spoken about the pain.


‘I was fuming when I found out, I was so angry. The way I was treated was wrong,’ she added. ‘I think some people think you’re devastated because you want the man, but it’s not that.
‘It’s devastating for a woman because it’s a normal thing for your child to be wanted.’

The 28-year-old singer also went on to reveal how the father of her other two children now wants to treat new addition Arabella as his own and has offered to adopt her.
‘Karl has been a huge support, we’re really good friends. He was there for the birth and he has offered to adopt her and be her dad too,’ she explained.


‘He has given her his name, which is lovely, so she will be the same as the other kids.’
Rebecca announced she was pregnant with her third child in April after she dramatically collapsed during a performance on Loose Women weeks before.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: ‘What’s funny is after the show, I took a test because I was thinking ‘This is weird! What’s going on with my body?’ and it came up negative.’
‘I was like How strange! I’ve got all of the pregnancy symptoms but after the show I ended up spending two days resting in bed.’

She added: ‘I kept on saying to everyone, I’ve got pregnancy symptoms so it was really weird and then a couple of days later I took another test and it was positive!’
Rebecca announced the surprise pregnancy to Twitter followers on April 13 with the message: ‘Yes I am having a new lovely baby. Children are such a blessing and I’m grateful to God for my new little gift xx.’

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