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Friendship Goals! Oprah Explains Why She and Gayle King “Will Always be in Each Other’s Corner” and Best Friends Forever

by Funmi Attah

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have been friends for over 40 years and they are still keeping it strong! Their friendship has stood the test of time but nothing can separate these two who met in their early twenties at a Television station. Despite their age differences, Oprah and Gayle don’t take their friendship for granted and the love, respect, and mutual understanding between these two is worth emulating.

Read what Oprah says….

Our friendship has stood the test of time.

You may have heard me tell the story, which I’ve told often over the years: In the winter of 1976, when Gayle King was a production assistant at the Baltimore television station where I was coanchor of the evening news, a snowstorm prevented her from getting back home to the suburbs. We were colleagues, not friends, but I invited her to spend the night at my place. We sat up and talked till dawn and have been talking ever since.

We’ve never lived in the same city, but we’ve always shared the same values.

I believe God put the two of us in each other’s path to do exactly what we’ve been doing since that night in Baltimore when I was 22 and she was 21. Listening. Listening. Talking. Listening. Laughing (a lot). Building dreams. Standing in the gap. Cheering. Being a shoulder to cry on. Supporting. Speaking the truth. Being the truth!

And the reason it’s worked all these years, without arguments or fallouts, is that we’ve always each been happy with our own lives.

Now that Gayle’s a shining star on CBS This Morning, people often ask her how she felt being in the shadow of my success. The truth is, she always felt not a shadow, but the light. We couldn’t have remained friends if she’d perceived it as a shadow. I would have sensed that, and I wouldn’t have been able to be as open.

Another story I’ve told a few times: Once, back in the ’80s, when Gayle was visiting me in Chicago for the weekend, I went to put on my coat and was surprised to find a wad of bills in my pocket. I counted: $482.

“You want it?” I said.

She shook her head. “No, you keep it.”

Years later, and I mean like a full decade, she reminded me of this moment and told me how she’d gone home thinking about all she could have done with that cash. Paid her electric bill. Bought groceries. Filled the gas tank.

“Why didn’t you say something?” I implored.

“I didn’t want you to ever think I was out to get something or take advantage,” she said.

Read the full interview here

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