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Get In Here All Brides-To-Be: 2018 Wedding Bridal Dress Trends We All Should Look Out For.

by Atai Akpan

The year 2017 was filled with various wedding dress trends. It was indeed a year of plunging v-necklines, high collars, lest we forget, series of beautiful dress capes. As each bride walked down the aisle, we were indeed love struck with the details her wedding dress bore.
Another year is upon us. ( Is it too late to be merry and still wish you all a happy new year? ) Although timeless trends will still pave it’s way through, we all know that each year indeed comes with its trend, and the year 2018 is definitely no exception. From different runway shows across the world to what different and respectable top notch bridal designers had to say, here are different wedding dress trends that we (especially our brides-to-be) should look out for this 2018.


What comes to your mind when the word ‘sheer is mentioned’? A little skin here and there. Well, sheer has definitely found its way into the trends for 2018 as we would be seeing a lot of edgy brides pulling off the look. Perhaps you could be one of them


There’s going to be a lot of whimsical dresses as the cascading ruffles are going to be back this 2018. So for every bride who strives hard not to be basic, this may just be for you.



Off The Shoulders! 
Just when we thought it was getting a bit too much, our designers decided to proves us wrong by showing us that nothing can ever be too much. We are expected to see various twists with this one which will definitely make it fresh this 2018.


Sleeves Of All Kinds!
So a lot of ladies usually opt for dresses without sleeves here or there. But that’s about to change, as we sleeves of all sorts will definitely be a trend this year. I guess it’s safe to say that ‘traditional’ brides will have a feast of this one.


For every lady deserves to be a superwoman. (my personal quote) 2017 was a year of capes on its own, but I guess that we aren’t done with it as we would still be expecting to see more of it this 2018.


It’s been declared that ‘black is possibly the new white! So if you’re the conventional bride looking for a little twist here and there, you may just be able to pull the look of with a touch of black in one or two places. For the unconventional bride, black is definitely one color you should be looking out for this year 2018.

Let’s Glow With A Red!
As bright as a red rose and as so shall we see this color in effect this year. The unconventional bride will definitely be taking this up this year, because it seems that this trend is here to stay.


Let’s Talk Of Accents! 

We should be on the look out for pearl embellishments as well as all over the top beading as this will definitely be a trend this year. In its subtle way, it can be nothing but an awe for the eyes.


Classic Silhouettes! 
For this is a trend that is forever timeless.

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