Home Muslim Brides “Getting Hitched to Someone Like my Dad Brings me Joy” Kyre’s Words to Her Husband, Kola

“Getting Hitched to Someone Like my Dad Brings me Joy” Kyre’s Words to Her Husband, Kola

by Adedayo Oyegunle

Love and Marriage are beautiful things in our life and getting married to one who is your best friend is utterly Joy Unspeakable. Kyre and Kola got married over the weekend and you can tell it’s going to be an everlasting journey for both of them.

The bride all dressed up in her beaded Muslim attire and her smile breathtaking! Their traditional attire also speaks class and elegance and we can’t just help but fall in love with them.

Just as always we present to you photos of Kyre and her Husband, Kola….Enjoy!!!

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